Baby Proofing Guidelines for the Home

Whether it’s bringing home a new baby or simply getting started once your baby begins being mobile, it’s important to baby proof your home to keep your baby safe.

A common way to understand what all the dangers may be for a mobile baby is by getting down on the ground and seeing what will be in the reach of a baby. You might be surprised to see all the different dangers that can be in the reach of a baby.

A common aspect of the home that is often forgotten during the baby proofing process is the potential of falling items; some items are not secured down. Besides all of the baby proofing products you can buy, it’s important to look at your shelves and bookcases to make sure there are no falling hazards that may be around your baby.

The living room, family room or main living space is an area that your baby will spend a lot of time in. It’s important to cover all of the outlets with a safety plug. Safety 1st Ultra Clear Outlet Plugs comes in a 12-pack for only $2.49. You can use the safety plugs for all of the outlets in the home and tuck away any power strips that may contain devices that are plugged in. This can mean moving television power strips containing plugs for your cable box, DVD player and other devices far underneath your television stand or media unit. Make sure to keep the plugs far from the reach of your baby.

Cabinet locks are important for your entertainment stand so that your baby can’t put any prying fingers inside your DVD player or other devices. The cabinet locks are also helpful for preventing curious little minds from grabbing all of your DVDs or pushing all the cable box buttons.

A safety gate can also be good for hindering your baby from leaving the main living space. Safety gates can be used all over the house, whether it’s blocking access to the kitchen or keeping them confined into a designated play area.

Bathrooms are important to baby proof, even if you are planning to keep the doors closed at all times. There will inevitably be a time where a door is mistakenly left open or a growing child will suddenly learn to open the door by themselves. Make sure to remove all cleaning products, soaps and lotions from off the floor. Keep them inside a cabinet, up on shelves or in baskets far from baby’s reach.

Safety 1st Swing Shut Toilet Lock keeps the toilet lid down so babies cannot reach in with their fingers or accidentally fall in injuring their heads. The lock is simple enough so not to hinder other people from using the toilet around the house but effective enough to keep out prying babies.

Cabinet locks should be used on all bathroom vanities. While babies use a bathtub insert in the beginning stage of life, there are a few safety items they need once they make a transition to using the bathtub by itself. Make sure to place a grip pad on the bottom on the tub to ensure your baby doesn’t slip in the tub. Also, Aquatopia Safety Audible Bath Thermometer ensures a temperature that won’t harm your baby. This is a great item for inconsistent water temperature that changes sporadically, and the handy alarm let’s parents know when it is safe for their baby to be in the tub.

The kitchen offers a number of hazards to a baby, even if they are not able to reach the knobs or handles yet. Whether it’s an accidental kick of the foot while holding the baby in your arms, or a growing infant reaching up during an exploration adventure, it’s important to put knob covers on your stove and oven. It’s also a good idea to put an appliance lock on all of your kitchen appliances so there are no swinging doors that may open and be harmful to your baby. Cabinet locks are important in keeping your baby away from any chemicals that may be found in the kitchen or any falling pots and pans.

You should take extra care in the baby’s room or playroom because that is where your baby will be spending a large amount of time. This means keeping any suffocation or strangulation items out of your baby’s crib, and making sure there are no hazardous items that may fall on your baby. Ensure that any hanging shelves, photos and wall decorations are hung securely, and never hang anything over your baby’s crib.

Baby proofing your home can be a meticulous process that takes a lot of time and energy. However, nothing is more important than your child’s safety, especially in the home. Make sure to secure drapery or strings for your blinds so they are not strangulation hazards. Also, secure windows and doors so there aren’t any accidental openings. Washer and dryers should have a secure locking device so babies cannot crawl inside. It is important to note that even with all the baby proofing seemingly done, the curious nature of a baby might find things you never thought of as a safety hazard.

It’s important to use safety gates around the house to ensure your baby’s safety. Whether it’s the heat generating from a hot oven or a keypad sitting on your desk, there are some items that just simply cannot be protected against. Use safety gates to keep your baby confined into well baby proofed areas and always keep a watchful eye on your baby.