Baby proofing guide for the entire kitchen

Many parents overlook the kitchen area when they prepare to baby proof their home because so many of the items are high up and out of reach for a baby. However, the dangers in the kitchen go far beyond your baby simply getting into the cupboards that hold your pots and pans. With gasoline fueled stoves, ovens and other dangerous appliances, it’s important to baby proof your entire kitchen.

Safety 1st Oven Front Lock – $4.99 – The mounting on this oven lock is in front of the appliance which will fit even the most custom kitchen oven. The product includes a heat resistant latch, adhesives and prevents against oven doors swinging open or prying little fingers.

Dream Baby Stove & Oven Knob Covers – $6.99 – These safety covers attach on top of stove and oven knobs to prevent any probing fingers or accidental kicks. The knobs are big enough to be fully encompassing to almost all knob sizes and a necessary investment in baby proofing the kitchen.

Prince LionHeart Adjustable Stove Guard – $13.98 – This guard acts as a shield barrier over baby heads as they crawl around the kitchen. Protecting against any splatter, hot oil and any pan handles in reach of a child. The guard can also be attached to counter tops to guard against wires, appliances and knives.

Safety 1st Lock Release Fridge Lock – $4.99 – This is a versatile lock that can be used on refrigerators, freezers, coolers and even garbage cans. Whether it is keeping your child from falling glass bottles or keeping them safe against harmful garbage items, this is a wonderful safety lock for numerous different surfaces.

Safety 1st Grip N Go Cabinet Locks – $3.99 – Latching onto the handles of the cabinets, this is a great product to keep fingers from smashing in closing cabinet doors. It is also a good safety product for keeping heavy pans or plates from falling onto small fingers and toes.

Whether it is rambunctious babies climbing on chairs and tables or the accidental kick while you are carrying your baby on your hip, protecting against any mishaps in the kitchen is a crucial part in baby proofing your home. Although the best way to baby proof the kitchen is to completely block it off with a gate, open floor plan layouts can be difficult to sequester off. However, purchasing a few simple baby proofing items can keep your baby safe while they are infants and well into the toddler stage.