Baby Nursery Decor Unique Ideas for Decorating a Nursery

Decorating a nursery is such an exciting time in your life. Most do not have movie star budgets for decorating, but even those with a small budget can do creative things to welcome that new baby home.

Three simple ways to save:

Accept hand-me-downs from friends and family
Shop garage sales and second-hand stores
Participate in Ebay auctions

Unique nursery themes:

A is for Apples and Alphabet- What baby wouldn’t love pretty red apples in their room? Add an alphabet border and you have an educational room for the preschool years, as well.

Raggedy Ann and Andy-Great theme for mixed twins. Everyone loves the classic brother and sister rag-doll team!

Kittens/Puppies-Kittens for girls and puppies for boys-or even use both together! So many cute wallpaper borders available in this lovable theme.

Teddy Bears-The uniqueness is in how your dress them! Who doesn’t love a cuddly teddy bear? Bears clad in denim overalls for boys and tutu’s for girls-beary, beary cute!

 Noah’s Ark-A beloved favorite for twins of any sex, but also great for single babies. Don’t forget to paint that rainbow on the wall!

Children’s Classics-Follow the Yellow Brick Road! Wizard of Oz is a great theme for both sexes, as well as Alice in Wonderland. The sky’s the limit!

Nursery Rhymes/Fairy Tales-Three Little Pigs, Humpty Dumpty, or even The Frog Prince. Pick your favorite and have fun with it!

Hot Air Balloons-My personal favorite for any baby. A ceiling painted in clouds and colorful balloons painted on the walls-such a happy setting for a little one. Ebay would be a great place to shop for hot air decor.

Firetrucks-Not just for boys any more! Every little boy and girl loves firefighters and red fire trucks. Don’t forget the Dalmatian!

Jungle Safari-Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my! Paint tall grass on the wall and hang a butterfly net or two. Let your imagination go Grrrr-wild in the jungle!

Some final tips: Try to steer clear of trendy baby stores, except for great decorating ideas. Use primary colors. Although some like to link pastel colors to babies, they actually love and respond best to bright primary colors, black and white. It takes a while for their little eyes to develop enough to appreciate the lighter pastel hues that Mommy might prefer to use in the nursery. 

Research interactive walls on the Net. Educational for the toddler they will become, fun and decorative. Look in costume departments for kids’ costumes that go along with your theme. Hang them on the nursery wall until your baby is ready to play dress-up. Avoid your impulse to use clowns, although a circus theme can be adorable. Clowns are scary to most babies. Focus on the dancing bear.

This is the time of your life, so have the time of your life preparing for your newborn’s arrival.