Baby Names – No

Everyone has the right to call their children whatever names they like and that is the way it should be although there are certainly plenty of people who ought to give more thought to their child’s name.

However, in Finland, for example, if a child is to be baptised then the name must be approved by a minister and, if the child is not to join a church, a child must be directly added to the national census, in which case, there is a committee which decides acceptable names. This may be a good idea up to a point as it means children will, usually, be given sensible names. Although, whether a name is acceptable or not could depend on who is on the committee at the time.

People do give their children some ridiculous names but, then, what one person thinks is a stupid name, another person may see as interesting or unique.

Where would one begin with determining which names are acceptable or which are ridiculous? Would the acceptable names have to have some sort of heritage?

Perhaps people should be encouraged to think a little more before calling their children “celebrity-style” names but, ultimately, it is the choice of the parents to give their children a name which they will have to live with.

It is unfortunate that there are people who appear to put very little thought into what effects a name might have on a child but there should never be a law against how somebody names their children.

It could not be practical to have a law against giving your children ridiculous names. If there were a list of unacceptable names, there are bound to be people who would come up with something worse. On the other hand, there may be a list of acceptable names but, with the amount of different names around, the list would not be exhaustive and there would, most likely, be perfectly sensible names which do not make the list.

Then, of course, there is the issue of how such a law would be enforced. Do we ask for a list of acceptable names before we have a child or do we ask for approval of the chosen name by whomever registers the birth?

It is simply not practical to introduce such a law especially, as mentioned previously, one ridiculous name to one person may be a perfectly acceptable name to someone else.

So, as much as it may seem cruel to give children certain names, no one should have the right to tell anyone else what they can call their child.