Baby Jamz baby toys are the new favorite

Baby Jamz baby toys take children’s toys to a whole new level. While most nursery rhymes have stood the test of time, no one will deny many are the boring old bland tunes that have driven parents insane for decades. The main reason they are still about is because, until now, there have been no alternatives.

The importance of music to a child’s development is invaluable. Planet Toys and Music World Entertainment recognized a substantial hole in the musical aspect of children’s toys, and as a result, partnered together to create the Baby Jamz range.

Baby Jamz baby toys are the first ever baby toys created from the inspiration of hip-hop music. Gone are the drab old tones of traditional nursery rhymes. Instead they are replaced with funky hip-hop beats accompanied by the soulful voice of Solange Knowles, sister to Beyonce.

Featuring great beats and pleasant, easy tunes, this is one range of toys parents won’t get sick of listening to. Most of the words remain unchanged, though there are a few twists to make the tunes fresh and upbeat. It won’t be long till the whole family is singing along.

The real beauty of the range is that the music features clear and easy to define beats which will encourage the musician or dancer in every child. Best of all, each product features different songs so you can collect the entire range. There is also a CD, which is great for driving.

The Mix Master Music chair features interactive songs and sound effects which are activated when the child sits down. Aimed at creating junior DJ’s, the chair allows the child to add trendy sound effects to the songs. Similar to what is heard in the hottest of clubs. Complete with buttons and flashing lights, the Mix Master Music chair is guaranteed to keep your child in one place.

The Boppin Tunes Boom Box, again, lets the child remix their favorite tunes; only this time, they can carry it around. The Boom Box also doubles as a shape sorter so you can aid your child’s development in more than one area.

Keys have always been a popular replica for toys, and the Jingle and Jam Key chain is no exception. With three different hip-hop tunes, expanding keys and buttons to press, your child is sure to be a hit with this bit of bling.

Kids love to mimic reality, and the Funky Tones Cell Phone will really let your little one feel like they are Mom and Dad. Easy to press buttons enable the child to easily activate one of three nursery rhymes with the funky beats.

The final product in the current range is the Move N Groove Dance Mat. With 7 unique yet cool sounds, and three hip-hop nursery rhymes, the Dance Mat encourages youngsters to get down and boogy. Great for coordination and exercise, the dance mat provides hours of entertainment for all.

So if you’re tired of listening to the same old rhymes from your childhood, or you cant stand the dreadful monotones found in most children’s toys, take a look at Baby Jamz. Fresh and modern, yet familiar and comfortable; certain to be a leader in the children’s toy market.