Baby Infant or Toddler Swings

Baby/infant/toddler swings can help parents soothe and entertain their child. There are many options from automatic infant swings intended to soothe a cranky baby indoors to rugged playground swings with wood, rubber or plastic seats and metal chains for kids playing outdoors.

These are the top 10 things to look for when buying this type of baby/infant/toddler swing:

Safety An infant swing should have a harness to prevent the infant from falling out. For safety it should recline so the baby can sleep without slumping over. Bucket swings made of rubber or plastic are a good, safe choice for older kids. Your swing set should have the required depth of sand or mulch beneath it to make your baby/infant/toddler swing safe for children.

Comfort Baby/infant/toddler swings shouldn’t have sharp edges. Infant swings should be padded with a soft material. Check the ropes of toddler swings for sharp fibers. Check for clasps that can pinch kids’ fingers.

Durability Plastic baby/infant/toddler swings may not last as long as a wood, metal, or rubber ones. Chains will last longer than ropes. This can be an important safety issue. However, your child will only be small enough to use a baby/infant/toddler swing for a couple years. If you are planning on having more children you may want to choose a more durable option. A swing intended for backyard or outdoor use should be more durable than one intended for use by kids inside.

Age Range For safety, make sure to check the age range of baby/infant/toddler swings you are considering. Some infant swings are not intended for babies who can sit up independently. Bucket swings may be great for bigger children but not safe for infants.

Weight Range Baby/infant/toddler swings usually have weight ranges. For safety be sure you know the weight range so that you don’t injure your brawny 25 pound infant by putting him in a swing that is only safe up to 20 pounds.

Accessories Some baby/infant/ toddler swings may have a tray with toys attached.

Indoor/Outdoor Use Baby/infant/toddler swings are available for indoors/outdoor use. Small motorized infant swings can be moved into your backyard. For safety bigger swings need to be installed securely to a beam inside or to a swing set in the backyard.

Manual/Battery When considering an infant swing make sure to note if it’s battery driven or hand cranked. Hand cranked ones are cheaper to operate but having to crank up the swing during a nap may wake your slumbering child.

Materials Baby/infant/toddler swings used indoors can be less durable than ones intended for the backyard. Plastic or wood may work well indoors, but sturdy plastic, metal or rubber may hold up better outside.