Baby Equipment you need after Taking Baby Home from the Hospital

Discovering you are pregnant is a wonderful experience in a woman’s life. There are many feelings that occur when you discover the exciting news of being pregnant. One feeling a woman has is about what items her newborn needs once everyone arrives home from the hospital.

Baby equipment needed:

Baby bed and bassinet

Choose a baby bed that suits both mother and baby. There are numerous baby beds available. All of which come in countless shapes and sizes. It is best to decide on a bed that converts to a toddler bed so when your child is old enough you do not have to worry about buying a new one.

Many parents are afraid for their infant to be alone at night and choose to have a bassinet in their bedroom. A bassinet only holds an infant for a couple of months. Do not use a bassinet for long-term use. With the baby growing at a fast rate, he or she may fall out. A bassinet that swings is excellent for rocking the baby to sleep.

Baby monitor

Baby monitors allow parents to hear what is going on in the room. If your infant wakes from a nap and starts crying, you will hear it on the monitor and know it is time to check in on your new bundle of joy.  Baby monitors are a good thing to have at nighttime when infants wake for midnight feedings.

Bathing equipment and supplies

Have baby shampoo, lotion, towels and wash cloths readily available. Baby bathtubs come in several colors, sizes and shapes. Choose a bathtub with safety features that allow a parent to bathe the infant without fear of the infant slipping down into the water.

Breastfeeding equipment and bottles

Purchase a breast pump in advance of taking baby home. An electric breast pump works great because it is much quicker than manual pumps. If you are breastfeeding, you want this handy. Have plenty of bottles on hand to store milk for later use or so your husband can feed the newborn when he chooses. Nursing bottles with drop in bags work great because the nipple is more like the mother’s breast, which gives the infant a natural feeling. It also prevents air from entering the nipple leading to colic.

There is other baby equipment you will need but that can wait until later. These are just the items that are essential at first.  The need for baby equipment is solely up to parents. What you desire to have on hand when taking baby home is strictly between mother and father. The most important thing a baby needs is love and bonding. Enjoy the special bonding moments because babies grow fast and they are adults before you realize it.