Baby Equipment you need after Taking Baby Home from the Hospital

Planning for a new baby is a very exciting time for the new parents, but it can also be very overwhelming, especially for first time parents. With the numerous new baby products available every year, it can become confusing. Below are a list of the things that you really need when bringing your baby home from the hospital.

A Place to Sleep. A safe place to sleep is a must have for a new baby. There are several options for newborns. A crib will be able to be used by the child for the longest amount of time, especially with the new convertible cribs available today. Please keep in mind the recent recall on drop-side cribs, when shopping for a crib. This article from describes the recall in more detail. There are other options beside a crib for infants. Some parents choose to use a bassinet for the first few months. A bassinet is especially useful for parents who do not want to co-sleep, but do want their newborn in the room. There are also pack-and-plays available that have a bassinet attachment. For parents who want to their newborn to sleep in the bed with them, there are co-sleeper options that keep the newborn in the bed, but in a more secure environment, such as the The First Years Close and Secure Sleeper. 

Clean Diapers. There are two basic options when it comes to diapering a child. Disposable diapers or cloth diapers. Whichever option your family chooses you will need a stash of diapers ready for the baby when it arrives from the hospital. It is also a good idea to have several wipes available for when the baby comes home. 

Food. Again there are two basic options for this category. Breastfeeding and formula feeding. This is a decision that your family will have to make along with your doctor. Whichever option your family decides to choose, you will need the required supplies for feeding. For formula feeding this includes: formula, bottles, and nipples. For breast feeding additional supplies may not be a necessity, but a pump, storage bags, and even a few bottles will often come in handy. 

A Car Seat. You will not be able to leave the hospital if you do not have a safe and secure carseat. It is a good idea to have your carseat inspected before the baby arrives to make sure that it is installed correctly. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website provides a tool that allows you to search for the nearest car sear inspection station. If you chose to purchase  a used carseat make sure that you know the history of the seat and make certain that it meets safety standards. 

Clothing. Just like grownups babies need certain types of clothing. A newborn baby will outgrown their clothing very quickly, but newborns often need multiple clothing changes a day, due to spit ups, diaper explosions, or other messes. Keep in mind the weather when choosing clothing for your newborn. Additionally if your budget is very tight, consider skipping newborn sizes and starting with 0-3 months sizes. Some babies never fit into the newborn sizes and most outgrow them in less than a month. 

Blankets. Babies need to be kept warm, but keep in mind that they should not be covered with a blanket like adults. Instead makes sure to choose blankets that you will be able use to swaddle your new baby. 

While there are many other things, like swings, bouncy seats, toys, infant bathtubs, etc. that can make adjusting to life with a newborn easier, those things are not necessities. Worry about making sure all of your child’s needs are met first, and then consider what extra products your family would like to purchase.