Baby constipation causes and treatment

A baby’s bowel movements can vary greatly and nothing may seem normal in the early days. Frequency and formation is expected to change, and no constant is often seen. With this in mind, it can be difficult to decipher if your baby is suffering with constipation. With stools often varying, you may find that the way to detect if your baby is suffering with constipation is if there are any other signs showing. Pain and discomfort, along with more fussiness can indicate that your baby is having difficulty passing a motion.

What can you do to help your constipated baby?

Reasons for constipation

Check that the feeds given are right and that your baby’s feeding pattern is as it should be. Formula fed babies are more likely to suffer with constipation, as the milk is harder to digest. An allergy to the formula could also be a reason for constipation. Dehydration is another well-known cause, and this may be the case if your baby is off her feeds. Illness can also be a contributing factor for constipation, and can cause a change in appetite which can lead to less interest in feeding. The introduction to solids can also cause constipation, as the body adjusts to processing foods.

Leg movements

One of the most used methods to relieve constipation is by moving a baby’s legs in a cycling motion to help get things moving again. Gentle, repetitive movements can be done periodically throughout the day until things are back to normal. This movement can greatly help and is a good natural way to help ease the constipation. This is something that can be performed anytime and is a good trick to remember.

Massage baby’s stomach

A gentle massage in a circular clockwork motion may help ease your baby. Your baby will signal if this is helpful or unwelcome. If she moves awkwardly and differently or cries differently, louder or more shrill in tone, it could signal that you are not helping. Go by your instincts and your baby’s cue to know whether to continue or stop. Be gentle and use warm hands to help bring relief.

Warm bath

A warm bath can aid in relaxing your baby. This may not always be the case; however, if your baby is happy and content at bath time, it may be worth trying. Helping your baby to relax may help her to feel more at ease. The bath should be as usual, as you are trying to help your baby to relax in order for her to feel more at ease which can help aid in her having a bowel movement.

If you are concerned, seek advice from a medical professional. Medications and other methods should be cleared with your doctor before proceeding. The above ideas should see no adverse reaction and can only help to bring relief. If not, you may need to speak with your doctor to rule out any other causes for the constipation. In any case, never let it go on for more than a few days.