Baby better Nights Sleep Routine well Fed Relax

A sleeping baby is the greatest thing in the world to new parents. Getting baby to sleep well is the key to parents also getting a great night’s sleep. For new parents you are obsessed with sleep. Not enough, how can we get baby to sleep better? How can we sleep better? Are we doing something wrong?

All of these are questions that cannot be easily answered and each baby is different. There is no guarantee to allow you a better night of sleep. However, there are some things you can do to allow baby to sleep better and possibly get you a better night of sleep. The following are tips you may find helpful.


Routine is important for children and babies are not an exception. Routine is important because it permits them expectations and keeps them calm while reducing stress. Therefore, stick to a routine as much as possible. This doesn’t mean that grandma and grandpa cannot provide you with a break or bond overnight with their new grandchild. However, establish a routine for the baby. Have a typical time to begin the bedtime routine.

Bath time

Bath time is great for baby for several reasons. It grants baby a relaxation time. It allows for bonding with parents and for smaller baby’s its very relaxing for them. Many times it is similar to a massage for their little bodies. Newborns don’t particularly enjoy being uncovered so they may fuss until they develop a routine for the bath. As they grow and become slightly older, it’s an enjoyable time.

Well fed

An empty tummy is a cause for baby to be awake and fussy. Make sure the baby is well fed and burped. It’s best to follow bathing with feeding. Feeding time is great for bonding with parents and permits them to calm down themselves if they are still a little wound up from daily activities or bath time. Breast fed babies will eat more often than bottle fed babies. Although it’s wonderful to have babies that stick to schedules with feeding times, but most of them don’t.

Diaper changed and comfortable nightclothes

Well-fed and dry are both high on the list of baby being uncomfortable and possibly problematic to put down for bed at night. Comfortable nightclothes differ depending upon the age of baby. However, make certain they aren’t too warm or too cold.

Baby should sleep in the same bed each night

Sleeping in the same bed each night allows for routine. If baby is currently sleeping in crib in baby’s nursery, allow this routine to continue. Don’t move the crib around unless it’s necessary. For example, away from a cooler window or new furniture has cause reason for room to be rearranged. Sleeping with parents one night and in crib another night can disrupt the routine and allow for fussiness and interrupted sleep patterns.

Hopefully these tips will assist you and your baby with achieving a better night’s sleep. Remember, they should sleep on their back and not all babies require the same amount of sleep similar to adults. Routine is important and should at least allow for more restful nights than before.