Babies r us Double Stroller

There are a lot of different brands and types of strollers on the market, but parents of twins may find themselves with a more limited selection when shopping for a double stroller.  If you’re looking for a side-by-side double stroller, the Babies R Us Side-by-Side Stroller is a good buy.

This stroller is very lightweight for a double stroller – weighing in at just about 23 pounds – and it folds up nicely for storage or packing.  It has a safety harness that clips together easily (but no shoulder harness) as well as detachable canopies and a removable cupholder for mom or dad.  There is also a mesh storage area underneath the stroller.  It can support children up to 35 pounds.

The stroller is easy to assemble when you take it out of the box.  Not much needs to be done, other than attaching the wheels and the canopies.  A pair of latches lock the stroller into position when you’re ready to use it, and each latch has a simple release lever when you’re ready to put it away.  There are six sets of wheels – three in the front and three in the back – and each set of rear wheels has its own brake that you can apply or release with your foot.

Since it’s a side-by-side stroller, you may have trouble pushing it through narrow areas such as retail aisles or crowded hallways.  It is also unable to fit through a standard door when it’s in use.  However, you can get around this drawback by holding one child and collapsing that child’s seat, so that only one seat is in use, then pushing the stroller through the door and opening up the other seat again.

Due to its light-weight construction and pivoting wheels, the stroller is very easy to push and to control.  A tall person may find the stroller awkward at first, though, because of the angle at which it leans and the location of the wheels.  The cupholder is a handy feature, but it often falls off when you collapse the stroller.

The Babies R Us Side-by-Side Stroller can be purchased at any Babies R Us store that has it in stock, or it can be bought online at for $89.99.  If you buy it online, it’s eligible for free shipping.