Babies Potty Training

Preparing any child for potty training can be rough or easy. Depending on a few key factors.

1.  Is you child showing signs of wanting to use the potty?
    -following you or your spouse into the bathroom when you go
    -telling you they are wet or dirty
    -tugging at their diaper after they have just gone potty in it.

2.  Is your child good with new changes or is a change a major event for them?
    -do they get upset if you can’t do something they want
    -are they good at following simple directions

3.  How much time and patience do you and your spouse have to devote to this?
    -are there ways you can share this task?
    -do you have beliefs in place the if you have a boy it’s dad’s job/a girl that it is mom’s job?

    -do you have something to use as a reward; whether it be clapping when they use the potty or  a  toy or treat they can have

        when they get it right?

Also you want to make sure you have everything you are going to need. A potty chair they can get to easily, a few of their favorite books in the bathroom, pull-ups, and when they are ready underwear. For a potty chair, don’t focus on  those that play music. A simple basic potty chair is enough.  Don’t be shy about taking them in the bathroom when you go and have them sit on their potty chair at the same time. If you don’t have to go then at least sit on the toilet beside them and read one of their favorite stories so they can take their time and aren’t focusing so much on what you want from them. If you make it seem fun and ok they won’t rebel so much.

Using underwear during the day  will help them learn what it is to be wet or dirty. Pull-ups are best used at nap times and bed times. Also , don’t start too early. Usually around the age of 2 is the best time. Even though you can get them use to going into the bathroom a few months before.

Potty training can become very time consuming, especially if you don’t notice tell tale signs of your child having to go. It is usually a good practice when you first start out to take them to use their potty  about every 30 minutes to 1 hour after they have drank a large amount of liquid.  Once you have a better handle on the times that become more apparent the further you are into their training, even if you have to keep a chart to do this, then you can space it out further and closer to the times they actually have to go.

If they have an accident don’t get bent out of shape. Stop and think for a second, they are little and learning. There is nothing wrong if it takes longer than a couple weeks. Don’t punish them for mistakes. This will only cause setbacks and make them think it is wrong to go at all. Just remember they are babies yet and  you will have a great time and feel better when you’ve both gotten through it.