Babies Experiment with different Babbling Sounds as they Learn to Communicate

One of the most beautiful sounds in life is listening to the babbling sound of a baby cooing to herself as she lies in her crib kicking and playing.

Many babies babble, and frequently they can be caught doing it while lying quietly in bed. This prompts the question, why do babies babble in bed?

Who really knows for sure since little ones really can’t tell us exactly, but babies likely babble as part of the learning process. According to Mama’s Health, “babbling is a normal part of development in babies.”

Through babble, babies experiment with different sounds as they start the journey in learning to communicate verbally. Practicing while in bed gives them time to focus on what they’ve learned, or are currently learning, with little to no interruption. This is likely why it is not uncommon for babies to “talk” to themselves when lying down in their beds.

Little ones seem to get really excited when they discover the different sounds they can make. Babies explore this skill as they create new sounds and repeatedly make them over and over each time they learn a new one. During this process they also learn these little squeals of delight are a great way to get mom or dad’s attention.

It is not uncommon for parents to “catch” their infants giggling, babbling, and blowing raspberries in bed. Infants may also explore different vocal sounds as when playing with their toys, or toes. Over the course of time, parents can begin to identify what baby means with these individual sounds. For instance, giggles and babbles might be sounds of contentment, but blowing raspberries could be a sound of discontentment or dissatisfaction; parents may find their infant may start to “yell” or cry for attention following a few minutes of blowing raspberries.

In time, infants will add different sounds to babble and eventually add syllables too as their vocal skills progress. Before parents know it, babies are “talking” to themselves, sometimes with full mouthfuls coming out, and with emphasis in connotation.

Only baby knows at this point what’s being said, but as she grows, it becomes more noticeable when baby is clearly in the early stages of language development. Every so often a word may even pop out; an important milestone. Babies grow so fast into toddler hood and it’s so special to watch each progression in language growth as none of these stages will last forever.

As they babble, babies take pleasure in hearing themselves and find even bigger pleasure when they realize their loved ones are listening to their sweet sounds.

What better way to start the day than listening to your baby lay awake babbling and then see their little mouths open into a wide smile when they notice you have been listening?