Avoid Stretch Marks in Pregnancy Tips to Remove Stretch Marks in Pregnancy

Almost more than half of pregnant woman suffer from stretch marks during the pregnancy. When the weight starts to increase, the body size also expands; and as the skin can cope with only a certain limit of expansion owing to its elasticity, after a stage it starts showing up pinkish lines. These lines turn into stretch marks which can be pink, light brown or reddish in color.

Stretch marks are a part of pregnancy which mainly appear by rapid weight gain and stretching of the skin. They can be formed on the breast, upper arms, lower belly, hips or thighs. But relax as there are some great ways, which can help to prevent these unwanted lines which cause lots of stress to pregnant women and new Moms. Read on to learn the top tips to prevent stretch marks during the pregnancy.

Apply Cocoa butter and Shea Butter based Massage lotion

There are plenty of stretch mark lotions available these days blended with natural products, which are very fruitful in preventing and eliminating the scars caused due to pregnancy. Remember to choose the right lotion for getting rid of your stretch marks; it should contain cocoa butter, Shea butter, vitamin E, collagen and elastin. I personally used Palmer’s Cocoa butter Formula massage lotion during my pregnancy, and I can assure you that regular use of it really helped me to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Daily massage is a must; all pregnant women should moisturize their body after shower thoroughly. You should start applying stretch mark lotion during the pregnancy and continue after the pregnancy for a few months. Massage lotion for stretch marks, lubricates the skin to help it retain its natural elasticity and moisture and the non-greasiness of the lotion aids to relieve the dryness associated with the constant stretching of skin due to pregnancy.

Stay Hydrated

Try to keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water each day as it helps to keep your skin hydrated & glowing. Staying hydrated is a plus in pregnancy. The best way to avoid stretch marks too. Here are someways on how to drink plenty of water during pregnancy.

Pregnant women who can’t drink plain water easily or do not like the taste of water can simply add a wedge of lemon or lime to your glass . You can also add a little amount of juice to your water glass for additional flavor.

Alternatively you can make a plain glass of water tastier by adding frozen fruit to your glass like oranges, peach, apricot, kiwi or plums instead of the ice cubes. The frozen fruit not only adds a nice color to a plain glass of water, but also makes your drink chilled with a hint of fruity flavor.

Scrub twice a week

During a bath, use a natural scrub on your skin at least twice a week to exfoliate the skin and enhance the circulation. Scrubbing aids a great deal in removing the dead skin over the stretch marks and also helps to reduce their appearance. Regular scrubbing is very beneficial mainly after the baby is born to get rid of the dead skin and scrubbing also lightens the stretch marks immensely.

Most of all remember that stretch marks do disappear with time. In most cases stretch marks fade away within 6 months of giving birth. Simply be patient, and do not be stressed because of them, as YOU CAN get rid of them by putting all these tips to practice.