Avent Pacifier

Avent Freeflow soother

I bought my daughter soother’s before she was born as I thought they would come in handy to have them just in case she was restless at night time or during the day.

It turns out that my daughter isn’t overly fussed on a soother unless she is very hungry and is waiting for her bottle to be heated or cooled. For the first few months after birth she took a soother at night before she went to sleep.

The health visitor told me that giving your child a soother at the start is good to help prevent cot death however later on it could harm speech and the formation of their teeth. As she was only tiny and I thought I would give one to her at night only so I bought these.


These soothers have extra airflow for sensitive skin this is done by the six holes on the shield. The soother is orthodontic, collapsible and symmetrical. This is all to help the development of your child’s gums, teeth and palate. The soother is made of silicone so if your child is allergic to this do not use them.

The soother does exactly what the name tells you and that is soothe your child. They will suck on the soother for comfort as they would if they were feeding.


I got two soothers in a pack one the shield was white and the other was pink. I think you can get them in other colours but I am not sure what these are. The shield may be coloured but it is slightly see-through as well.

The soother has a handle so you can easily and safely navigate it into your child’s mouth or take it out if need be. This is coloured as well.

The shield has six holes for air to circulate. These are located at the sides, two at the top and two at the bottom. When the soother is in your child’s mouth they look comfortable when they are sucking on it.

A bonus about these soothers is that they have a lid to put on them. I have since found (by accident) that not all soothers have this. I accidentally bought a packet that didn’t and found it very hard to keep them clean. These soothers have a lid that clicks over the soother teat and will protect it when you are not using it. It also means that the teat is more hygienic as you don’t have to touch it.


The two soothers will come in a plastic box which you can store them in. Personally I didn’t keep the box as I felt I didn’t need it.

Sticking out of the box is a piece of cardboard and it has the Avent logo on it. There is a picture of the soother on the front also. It lets you know that the soother is BPA free/.

The back of the cardboard gives you contact details for Avent if you need them.


It cost me £3.99 for two soothers and I feel that this is average value for money as each soother cost £2. The good thing about having two is that is one gets dirty which often happens as children constantly throw them on the ground you will always have a spare one.

I bought the 0-6 months one and I think with constant use that you should replace them after 3 months or as soon as they have worn in any way. You need to check your soother every time before giving to your child to make sure that the teat hasn’t came away and that it is safe to give to your child.

You can sterilise these in the steam sterilise which is handy as I can put them in with the bottles when I am sterilising them. They are easy to clean as well and are easy to use.

These soothers are good if your child has sensitive skin as my daughter has never had any problems with these and her skin would be delicate. She has never had a rash with them because of being wet. As the air can get in it means that if she slobbers then it will dry.

I would recommend these soothers to anyone who’s child likes a soother or a cross baby. They are good if you need to use them constantly as they are kind to skin.