Assessing the Truth of old Wives Tales of Pregnancy

No doubt if you are pregnant or even just considering trying, you’ve already been bombarded by “suggestions” from just about everyone you know, and many that you don’t (the little old lady in line at the super market for example). You’ll soon come to realize that as your belly grows, so will the friendly advice. While there is no harm in listening, if you are blessed with the patience, it will do good to view most suggestions as merely entertaining, rather than factual.
However, with so many of these old wives tales passed down from generation after generation, certainly there must be a grain of truth. Or is there? Let’s take a look at a few of the more popular tales:

The myth: A baby’s heart beat will reveal it’s gender.

The truth: This one actually at one point had gained favor even within the medical community. However the truth is the heart beat is a better judge of gestational age than gender. The heart beat starts off restively slow, yet gains more momentum as the babies grows. One interesting fact is that just like you and I, the baby’s heart rate will increase and decrease depending on movement. So, there is absolutely no truth to this myth at all.

The myth:If you hold your hands over your head you could strangle the baby with it’s umbilical cord.

The truth: Interestingly the origins of this one is thought to have come from an overworked mother-to-be, who concocted such a story to gain a measure of sympathy and well deserved rest. The truth of the matter is that one third of all births will involve the cord wrapped around the infant, this is due not to the mother’s raised arms, rather the tumbling somersaults of your little athlete.

The myth: Keep your pregnancy a secret until you have finished your first trimester.

The truth: Depending on the reasoning behind it, this one can be considered both true and false. False in the sense, that telling the good news prior to the 3rd month will result in the evil eye causing a miscarriage. True in the sense that these first few months are considered a risky period, as there are more chances of miscarriage then throughout the rest of your pregnancy. This one basically comes down to each ones preference. You can spill the beans right away, where in the unfortunate circumstances a miscarriage does incur you have all the more support from friends and family.

The myth:You have to eat for two.

The truth: Where as every single pregnant woman wants this to be true. It simply is not. Remember in the beginning of pregnancy your little one is just that…little (smaller than a seed, actually)Truth be told to insure a healthy pregnancy you really only need to up your daily caloric intake by 300. That’s the equivalent of 24 Doritos. Not very much at all.

The myth: Pregnant woman can not take baths.

The truth: This is false. Baths are actually very beneficial, in that they promote relaxation from the aches and pains of pregnancy. Just be cautious of the temperature so long as you keep it under 100 degrees your safe. Where it was once thought that germs could enter in through a woman’s vagina and harm the child. It is now realize that not only is the baby protected, by the amniotic sac and the mucus plug, studies have shown that no water seeps in anyway.

The myth: You can’t get pregnant again while you are breast feeding.

The truth: Unless you want your children very close together don’t put much faith in this one. Once a woman menstrual cycle returns so does her fertility.

So through the journey that these next nine months takes you on feel free to enjoy a chuckle or two on behalf of all the “good” advice that you are given. Realizing that a laughter really is the best endorphins.