Assessing Canadian Act 43 and its Implications on Discipline

What Ever Happened To The “Switch”

How many of us got to go pick out their own switch to get a spanking with? I know I have had the honor. I have also been sent to retrieve Grandpa’s belt, “the paddle”, and even plastic coat hangers. Oh the memories I have with the switch. I could not tell you what it was I had done to deserve the lashings, but I guarantee you that I didn’t do whatever it was a second time.

I wish the switch would make a come back. I watched today some 4th or 5th graders at my sons school as they were making each other kiss the ground I heard language coming from them that made even me blush. Where the heck did they learn it was okay to talk like that. I then got to thinking, had I spoken that way when I was their age, I would have been straight outside in search of a good switch.

I was also discussing with someone about my neighbors kids. How I have had to put the younger one in the corner and in time out and he acted as if it was his first time being punished. I am not so sure it wasn’t his first time being punished either. This neighbor was complaining to me about how her kids wont listen to her and she doesn’t know how I ended up with such well behaved kids. Oh I know the answer to that. The switch.

Now I do not dare tell people how to raise their kids, but I have a hard time when I see a parent letting their child do or say whatever the heck they want to. Then that same parent complains to everyone how devilish their child is. Oh poor you. Take the kid over your knee and whoop his butt. Let me guess this parent is the same one who is all for the stupid child protection act that warns parents that they could face criminal charges for hitting their child. I tell them to bring it on. You know my kids wont ever run to school complaining about getting a whooping cause the second I heard of some outrageous charge like that I would whoop them again and they know that. If you are going to charge me with beating my child then by all means.

Now don’t make me out to be a monster. I do not beat my kids, I do not even have to give them spankings. No belts, but we have oneno switches, but we know what they look likeno “paddles” or coat hangers in this house, but my boys know dang well that I will find one if I need to. I have spanked my oldest a number of times over my knee with my hand and he got the belt just once. My youngest has had his booty smacked just to straighten him up real quick and I have been lucky enough to make time outs seem like the end of the world for him. So for us the time out spot is when he does something really bad and boy his reactionyou would think I had just given his favorite toy away.

If you have a way to punish your child that really works like me with the time out chair then by all means use it, but do not use it over the switch if the switch is what is needed. I am proud to say that I do not use the switch and it is because we have another punishment that is working well. I would never say that spanking my child is bad, because I am afraid of what people say or think. Do you know them idiots are blaming spanking for peoples problems today. The bank robber robbed the bank because he wanted money not because his mom or dad whooped him with a belt as a child. Running with that belief is just nuts. What does that say about yourself? I got my share of spankings and I turned into a respectful, polite, humane person. So now I am supposed to say that I wont hit my kids, because I got hit and didn’t like it? No I am the person I am today, because my family kept me inline using whatever techniques they could, including the switch.

As parents we need to really look at ourselves and how we were raised. Why is it I hear all the time, “oh I am not going to raise my kids like my parents raised me,” That is just saying that you turned out bad. Why would you say that about yourself? If my parents way of raising me turned me into who I am today, then by all means I am going to raise my kids the exact same way. I know someday they will be as great as I am. I can already see the difference between my kids and the ones who live with “non-spanking” parents. In a group of my sons peers I can pick out the ones who have been put over a knee or two. They are the ones who talk in hush voices so the adults wont hear them talking bad. They are the ones who call me Mrs. Howell instead of Ben’s mom. They are the ones who everyone prides over how well behaved they are.