Are your teens engaging in risky party behaviors

The time between childhood and being an adult has always been a difficult time for the youngsters in that age group. They are trying desperately to become an adult and often make choices they think make them grown up. They no longer appreciate being thought of as a child. While there are many teens out there who seem to sail easily through adolescence without much trouble. Those teens most often have a great support system and a good head on their shoulders almost from birth.

More teens are of the first type, however. They push the envelope, rebel against everything and think they are immortal. Teens from every time period were likely to engage in risky behavior, but this age group of today has gone so much further in risky and even dangerous behavior.

Long ago, parties meant music, fun, food and laughter. Now, they are fraught with dangers and even death. In order to be part of the gang, you must follow peer pressure. Though that has never been a good thing, now it results in hospital visits from which some young people never come back out.

It is known that teens have been engaging in risky behaviors forever. The alcohol and drug abuse, along with prescription drugs have sent many of our youth to rehabs. They took chances following their bodies cue and engaged in sex. Today we have more STDs and still have to worry about HIV and even pregnancy. We used to worry about intercourse but not so much about oral or anal sex since many of us were innocent much longer than the children of today. However, that can be no longer, since many kids admit they engage in those activities.

They take chances in chat rooms where the real identity of a predator is unknown and they believe they are just talking with other kids. They chance sexting knowing fully well, the penalty can be not only embarrassment but, also include legal problems.

They drive too fast while under the influence or text while speeding along thinking their judgment will be infallible. The results are often tragic. Car surfing is another dangerous activity probably spurred on by some movie scenes where they surf on the outside of the car, instead of a board. Very risky and dangerous, but kids love the challenge. Somewhat more normal are the extreme sports that kids engage in. Unfortunately, some athletes feel the need for supplements and when overdosing on these there is damage to your body, even stress to your kidneys.

Now, these creative kids have found many new ways to destroy themselves in the search of the perfect high. For years now, they have engaged in the Choking game, also referred to as the Fainting game. Using a towel, scarf or a belt, they cut off the oxygen and blood flow to the brain. Most often the recipient of this procedure faints while experiencing an intoxicating high. They think this is so great that they often film themselves and end up in a YouTube video. This game can result in coma, brain damage or bleeding of the brain.

Some of these games are the result of curiosity fueled by intoxicants. Still dangerous, however, but very popular. In their constant search to get drunker, kids are using strange chemicals that result in differing degrees of intoxication and lots of risk. Bath salts, not the ones used in your tub, contain dangerous chemicals. They are taking bath salts internally for a very addictive high. They are mixing alcohol and codeine cough syrup for a deadly purple drink. This has the ability to slow down physical action while drowsiness and inability to concentrate result. This can cause nausea and even slow breathing down dangerously.

A curious game indeed is the Vodka Eyeballing. Using their open eye, they insert Vodka through the eye socket. It is said to cause one to get drunk much faster, the intended result. The bad thing is the burning sensation they get upon doing this since Vodka is 40 % pure Ethanol. This is likely to damage the eye’s cornea. It can cause inflammation which is no surprise but, also an actual clotting of the blood vessels, nothing to take lightly.

Using an air pimp or placing alcohol over some dry ice, teens are vaporizing alcohol and inhaling it instead of drinking. This is called Smoking alcohol.

Many have probably laughed at the strange voices helium balloons produce. The newest angle on this is to ingest all the gas in a balloon to get high. Since the gas is nitrous oxide it deprives the heart and brain of oxygen while producing a terrible headache. This deadly game is called Whip-its.

Another fun party activity is the Ice and Salt challenge where a place on your skin is made wet and covered with table salt. Then an ice cube is applied with pressure to the area, resulting in extreme pain and sometimes second-degree burns.

One of the newest party challenges is the one with cinnamon. The contestant must swallow a whole teaspoon ground cinnamon dry without water in 60 seconds. They dare other kids to chug a whole gallon of milk in an hour without vomiting. This can cause shortness of breath and hospital visits.

Playing the chubby bunny forces the player to get as many full size marshmallows as they can into their mouth until they cannot say the words Chubby bunny.  This can result in suffocation. They have even engaged in water chugging. It is known that hydration is important, but these kids are reaching a state called hyper hydration. They drink as much water as possible without going to the bathroom. Too much water dilutes the sodium in the bloodstream which causes water poisoning.

Planking started out as a silly game, but has recently got more risky. First, the person used to do this on a table or chair. The idea is to make yourself stiff as a board, originally used to help you strengthen your core. Does not sound too bad but, they have taken it to new lengths and are doing it atop pointy fences and even high up in trees. It is easy to see how this could result in a serious accident or death.

An activity called i-dosing is a Digital drug game. Wearing different ear plugs in each ear and having each one connected to music, to be exact, two tracks at different frequencies causes a strange effect on the brain. The headaches and resulting feeling are like being on drugs. Believe it or not this can be addictive and cause real damage.

The Japanese youth have started something called Oculolinctus or eyeball licking. Yes, you heard it right. In this is a great combination of problems from oral bacteria to scratching the eye or permanently damaging it. All of these things can cause infection. It seems this idea was spawned in a music video there.

There are probably many more activities these creative kids have played, but these are enough to give every parent pause when they hear their teen is going to a party.