Are Weight Loss Camps appropriate for Children under 10 – No

 If your child is under 10 years old and that child is overweight, mainly, one of two problems might be the cause for the overweight condition. Yes, that child could have a health problem or that child might have parents who are slowly killing their child with kindness by feeding that child too much of/or the wrong kinds of food. That sounds like a cruel thing to say but it is true. Boys want to be just like their Dad and girls want to be just like their Mom.

You see, I saw many families whose members were all overweight. Well, I guess that is too bad for those children, since they usually adopt the habits of their parents. Some might say that it is a form of child abuse. Then again, maybe their parents do not know any better or those parents cannot afford to buy all of the different kinds of food required for a well balanced diet. Your guess is as good as mine. So too, sending the child to a weight loss camp, in the long run, won’t help that child one bit. The child will go home and again eat the foods that their parents provide. Skinny children usually do not like the food that their parents eat.

Then again, it is possible that the child might try to educate its parents, in regard to what kind of foods are healthy and non-fattening. In other words, if the child is to lose weight, that effort must be a group effort that truly requires the positive input from those concerned parents.

Clearly, it is the parents who need to be educated, in regard to which foods are healthy and also how much food is consumed during each day. Responsible parents would do no less for their children. So too, instead of a weight loss camp, it would wise to send their children to a summer camp. There are plenty of activities available for their enjoyment, besides eating. Peer pressure might also serves as a guide for the child to lose weight in order to fit in with the group and have a truly enjoyable experience with people its own age.

That is how children develop into responsible adults as they discover the wonders of the World and gain wisdom. Foods that contains a whole lot of saturated fats are not healthy for children or their parents. Children do not know any better and it is the true responsibility of each parent to feed their children healthy foods, rather than foods that they just like and could care less, in some cases, if they become as fat as a house. Being fat is not a true measure of ones well being or ones social position.