Are Nanny Cams a Violation of Babysitters Rights – No

In my opinion there is nothing at all wrong with having a “nanny cam”. Some people would say that it is a violation of someones rights to video tape them with out their consent or knowledge, which is true in most instances. But, when it comes to the safety of my child it is my right to know what goes on while I am at work. Some people are very fortunate to be able to have family members or friends watch their children while they are at work. A large majority of us have to trust someone with a license that we meet for the first time and then leave our children with them. Over a period of time you will get to know and trust the person you leave your child with, but what do you do until then?

The first thing you have to know is that no one is going to love and care for your child as much as you do. But wouldn’t you like to know what your baby sitter’s reaction is to a screaming child? Do they let them sit there and scream? Do they pick them up and cuddle and soothe them? Or do they spank them and give them a reason to cry? I personally would like to know what reaction my baby sitter has.

I would even go as far as to say that you should also have “nanny cams” for older siblings who baby sit and family and friends. Teen aged children have a tendency to not pay attention the way that they should. And with family and friends, they may have a different idea of what discipline is compared to the parents. Parents need to remember that all bad people aren’t obvious. You could hire the most gentle, caring, and loving nanny, in your opinion. They could turn out to be some one who’s smile fades after you leave for work. Your child’s day could be more of a nightmare than the fun filled day that you think they are having. The best thing a parent can do before hiring some one new, is research. If you are using a nanny service ask them if there have ever been any complaints against a nanny that you are interested in. Ask why this nanny is available, are they a new hire, did they quit there last job, were they fired from their last job (If the answer is yes always ask why!). Don’t just go off of gut instinct, do your research.

To end with I would like to say that not all baby sitters are bad. Just because your child doesn’t want you to go to work they will cry when you leave, even at times play sick. This is why “nanny cams” are a good idea also. You can be sure that your child is just having separation anxiety and not a nightmare of a day.