Are Hospital Childbirth and Labor Classes Worth Taking – Yes

Childbirth and labor classes are a definite “must do” when it comes to preparing for the birth of your first child. They offer a wealth of information that will put you at ease and make your birthing experience much more relaxed.

I remember our first childbirth class. I was so excited to not only be there, but to make friends with all the future new moms and dads and my husband could not wait to get the point of view of other fathers to be.

The hospital we had our daughter in was thirty minutes from our house. We signed up for a class that lasted two hours a week and ran for four weeks. It was a large time investment, but definitely worth it.

We learned so much about my changing body and what childbirth was going to be like. At the time I was convinced that I was going to have a natural childbirth so I was concentrating hard on learning natural breathing techniques.

As a new mother I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know when I was supposed to go into the hospital, I didn’t know how to chart my contractions, I didn’t really know anything. I learned all of this and more.

I also learned about a whole range of different birth options. I learned that the hospital I was giving birth in offered water births, an option I was highly considering. I also learned that they had their own supply of birthing balls and how birthing balls can help in labor. I decided, based on trying out a sample birthing ball that this was what I was going to use during the birth of my first child.

The other benefit of the birthing class was a detailed tour of the hospital. They showed us where to check in, the nursery where my little one will be, and where my parents can wait to see their new little grandchild. I learned that throughout my birthing experience I would be in two separate rooms, both hotel quality with fold out beds for my dear husband. These are little things I would have wondered about if I had not go through this class.

I definitely recommend the class for first time parents. I will not be taking the class for the birth of my second child. I feel that I now know the ropes and the class will not be necessary.