An Overview of Newborn Sling Carriers

In anticipation of a brand new newborn, parents are inevitably looking for the best cribs, strollers and swings. However, one of the most important newborn purchases is definitely the carrier. Newborn carriers are pivotal for the busy parent doing chores around the house and even running errands around town.

Carriers are ideal for the busy parent wanting to carry their newborn, while still having hands free to make baby bottles or pay for groceries. Carriers have become popular for both men and women and come in all shapes and sizes. Newborn sling carriers are great transportation tools for the baby not old enough to have stable head and neck mobility but there are a few things to look at to make the sling specific to your individual needs and preferences.

Traditional sling carriers

Traditional sling carriers cross over the front of the body and have a cradle like pouch with a single elastic band that crosses the back. Some of these types of carriers have been controversial in recent years because many have been recalled due to suffocation hazards. It’s important to make sure the sides of the carrier pouch have a breathable mesh for infant security. However, these types of slings can sometimes be more of a hindrance than convenience because the pouch hangs low over the body and can be difficult to maneuver around.

Sling wraps

Sling wraps are different than traditional slings because they don’t have any buckles, snaps, straps or padding. Many are simple cotton or silk wraps with two loops and a belt. The Original Wrapless Wrap won the I-Media Parenting Award in 2008 for Product Excellence. They are specially designed to diminish back and shoulder pain that may occur with other slings and many can be reconfigured to act as a discreet nursing sling.

Water slings

Water slings are designed for water with mesh material. These are great for shower time with your newborn or a close bonding experience during bathtime. Some parents prefer this to the sometimes awkward and back straining newborn bathtubs. Water slings are also great for pool time fun.

Convertible slings

Convertible slings are great for growing babies. The cradle position is perfect for newborns that have not yet achieved stability in their head and neck and there are other positions for older infants. They can transform into baby pouches facing out or towards the parent and there are even ones that sit the infant on the side hip.

Sling carrier preferences are different for each parent. The best rule for picking out a sling carrier is to try them out first. See if you are able to borrow one from a friend or family member and try it out with your daily routine. Some parents find discomfort in certain strap positions or weight distribution, while others find a particular brand suits their child better. Many retail stores have a generous return policy and offer store credit for recently purchased items. It’s important to look at all the different aspects of the newborn sling carrier besides just the color and design. Sling carriers should be safe for your baby but still comfortable for you to want to continue to use.