Alternative Ways of Disciplining Children

They say spare the rod and spoil the child. I agree with this term, but I’m flexible when it comes to the word “rod.” Rod does not have to mean giving the child a beating it, it could simply be some other form of punishment. Children are very likely to repeat actions they see. If you keep beating them unnecessarily they’ll project their anger towards you in their behavior towards others. Here are some other ways to help discipline a child.

If the child disobeys surely you can punish by taking away something special from him or her. Toys or other objects that are special to children can be useful and sometimes vital tools when it comes to disciplining them. They understand the seriousness of the situation when something dear to them is being kept away. The loss will let them never want to get in trouble anymore, but eventually they will get in trouble again when the toy is returned and they forget the loss.

Another effective alternative way of disciplining children is to give them a choice. They can continue doing the bad thing or they can go out for ice cream with the family instead. Choices like that quickly bring children to their senses. The trick to this method is to try limit it. This way the child won’t behave badly just for the fact that you’ll offer ice cream if he or she stops. 

The best alternative way of disciplining children is complete solitary. By this I don’t mean locking them out of the family’s schedule. I mean complete abandoning of anything that might be stimulating to them. I don’t recommend using their room because they probably have toys stashed in there. You don’t have to lock the door if they try to come out of their solitary confinement simply put them back in without a word. Ask the whole family not to talk to them not even look at them. It sounds mean but it gets the job done. The most important part of this type of disciplining is what happens afterwards. After completely locking the child out of any social fun the family might have you have to go back to the child when you feel he or she has learned the lesson. You have to tell the child what behavior made you punish him or her and tell the child about your love and how you don’t like punishing but you will if you have to.

There a lot of alternative ways to discipline a child rather than a traditional beating. Use the tips wisely and enjoy a more obedient and also more loving child.