Alarming Sex Trends among Teens Today

Unfortunately, there are many sex trends among teens today that are very alarming.  Such trends could raise the risk of unwanted pregnancies as well as dangerous and even life-threatening sexually transmitted diseases.  It is important to keep abreast of these trends if you have a teen and to talk to your teen about them so as to avoid problems.  The following are some alarming sex trends you will see in these children.

Having intercourse

One alarming sex trend is the mere fact that so many teens are having intercourse.  Sexual activity is a very serious thing that can have very serious consequences such as pregnancies as well as STDs.  Both of these things can affect a person for the rest of the lives, and many teens do not think through the consequences of their actions before they have sex.  They may mistakenly believe that everyone is doing it or that they must do it in order to be “cool.”  There is a lot of peer pressure in this area as well.  It may be indirect in that they just feel that their classmates and friends would think there is something wrong with them if they are not doing it or it can be direct peer pressure whereas one teen (usually the boy, but not always) is pressuring the other to have sex.  Of course, it only takes one time to have a problem.

Not using protection when having intercourse

Another very disturbing sex trend among teens today is the fact that teens are not only having sex, but they are having unsafe sex.  A lot of teens have this “It can’t happen to me” mentality, and think that they couldn’t get hit by an unsafe pregnancy or STD.  They may believe that they can avoid a pregnancy with a method that has very spotty efficacy such as timing in the month or pulling out.  Both can easily result in a pregnancy.  They may be embarrassed or afraid to tell their parents that they are having sex, and thus cannot go and get something such as birth control pills, which would avoid pregnancy.  They may not understand how to use the various birth control devices or may believe that it will not feel as good if they do.  Of course, not using protection can result in a sexually transmitted diseases, and many teens do not learn this lesson until it is too late.  They may believe their boyfriend or girlfriend that they are disease-free but oftentimes someone may say that they are okay without getting tested.

The best thing you can do is talk to your teen.