Advice for teens who want to start dating

Once the teen years arrive there is generally an interest in the opposite sex and dating. This can be a fun time and a great way to understand the opposite sex, and what appeals. At this early stage in life, the relationships that are formed should be casual and just a bit of fun. There may be a few very special instances where a lifelong relationship are formed, however, in the main, this is just a stage of experimentation. It is essential for teens to stay safe and not get too committed to another person. At this transitional and delicate age teens can enjoy dating and another person’s company whilst staying safe.

Dating advice for teens:

Take it slow

Teen dating should be about light fun and nothing more. There’s no need to rush ahead and get serious, there’s plenty of time to settle down later in life. To begin with, just concentrate on good, clean fun and enjoying the company of another. Never feel pressurized into taking things further than wanted. In addition, don’t be tempted in the moment to do something that may later be regretted. Think about principles and what is of importance in advance to avoid making rash decisions. Keep dignity and pride intact, and keep things simple. Take it slow, there’s no rush.

Dress appropriately

Wear clothes that give comfort and confidence. Clothes should be fresh, clean and a practical choice. It is important to not go over the top, and to not choose clothes that are too revealing or evocative. Teen girls don’t necessarily need to wear makeup, but at this stage in life they want to experiment and feel good about themselves. Keep the look fresh, and remember less is more. Dressing provocatively and overdoing the makeup is never a good idea, as this can attract trouble.

Know when to say no

Teen dating can be a tricky affair that can cause many different emotions. The pressure from peers can make teens feel that they must get intimate when dating. However, it is important for teens to make independent decisions that feel right, and not go with what is expected. If any situation causes discomfort, make it known, and if this doesn’t work, walk away. No one should feel pressurized into doing something that causes an uneasy feeling. Respect is essential and should be the most important aspect to ensure that no unnecessary emotional damage is caused.

Teen dating should be all about fun, and nothing more. There is no need to rush in. If it feels right, it doesn’t mean it needs to be taken to the next level. There is plenty of time in the future to get serious, and if it feels right and it is to be, it will last into the future where it can progress onto the next level. It is important to stay safe and have respect and principals intact. Taking a relationship into physical intimacy is a big step, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.