Advice for new parents returning to work

After enjoying spending time at home with baby adjusting to becoming a new parent, the thought of returning to work looms. It can be a struggle for new parents to get to grips with returning to work, as they are still grasping parenthood. It can be distressing and emotionally upsetting thinking about not being with baby all day, as the bond is ever growing. It can be a difficult time to return to work, however, it is a beneficial move for all the family.

Here are some tips for new parents that are planning on going back to work:

Guilt free

It may seem stressful and upsetting, as new parents can become overwhelmed by guilt at the prospect of returning to work and leaving baby. However, it is important for all the family, as working regains individualism and confidence, whilst setting a good example to baby. Having a good balance between work and family life is beneficial for one’s well-being. Eventually once adjusted to returning to work parents will soon see the benefits, and time with baby will be even more treasured.


Life with a new baby is already a challenge, and trying to juggle that with work can be a daunting thought, especially when sleep deprived. However, good organization is the key to manage time to ensure that the day runs as smoothly as possible. Establishing a routine is imperative to allow everything to fall into place. Having a schedule means that there is less stress, as the routine becomes systematic, and each day will become easier as the family adjust to the changes.

Rest ready for work

Being a new parent is a demanding job alone, but with going back to work it is going to be more tiring. It is essential to get as much rest as possible, and to take a break when needed. Prior to going back to work make the most of resting at every given opportunity to feel energized and refreshed as much as possible. Aim to retire for the night earlier than usual, and set the alarm for the time that is required for work to provide the opportunity to adjust to the new routine.

Make it a little easier

The first few days of returning to work may be difficult, so in order to make it a little easier, be prepared. Give the home a good clean and tidy so that the chores are done, and prepare meals in advance that can be frozen, to ensure that good wholesome meals can be enjoyed when returned from work. This will lighten the load for the first week, and it will free up some time to allow for a much needed rest. Preparing the meals a week ahead can be a great time and energy saver. In addition, have everything ready the night before so that the morning routine is simple to start the day with ease.


Search for the best childcare by seeking advice from other parents. Knowing that the carer has a good reputation and is recommended will put the mind at ease. Ensure to interview several candidates to find the one that is best suited. Once childcare has been arranged, schedule a time where the potential child minder can visit for the day to allow the carer to get to know baby and the home, so that he or she will feel comfortable with the surroundings. This allows the opportunity for the carer to ask questions, and learn how to best care for baby in the preferred way.

Going back to work

Prior to returning to work discuss expectations with your employer, and ensure that everything is clear from the offset. It is imperative that you return to work feeling happy and relaxed. Arrange to start back during the week, so that the first week is easier to allow time to adjust. The first few days will undoubtedly be the hardest emotionally and physically. Each day will get easier, so don’t panic thinking it was the wrong decision. In time everything will come together, and a happy work and family life will resume harmoniously.

Rest after work

After returning from work, excitement to see baby will be the only thought. Your child will feel comforted and reassured to be greeted by happy parents that are full of joy at the end of each day. Ensure to spend quality time as a family unit, and take time to rest. Each working day will be worth seeing baby’s happy smile as you return home. Time will be treasured more, and family time will be greater, as there will be a good healthy balance.

Going back to work can be easier than imagined. With less worrying and more organization the transition can be smooth. It is common for new parents to worry about returning to work, and the guilt makes it even more upsetting, however, balancing work and family life is achievable and beneficial for the family, as parents can continue to have an identity, and earn money to enjoy family life. Be proud working parents to provide the best for the family.