Advantages of Child Grandparent Bonding

I was a lucky one. I was raised in a small town close by my grandparents. We didn’t have a closed campus when I was in school. Grandma lived just a block away so my siblings, cousins and I would go to Grandma’s house for lunch. It was great.

Grandma gave us a sense of continuity. She gave us connections to the past and loved us enough for the future. This is one of the most important roles of a grandparent. The bond I felt with her extended to a bond with her parents and grandparents. That bond helped me know that I belonged.

Every child needs the security of family. Knowing they can trust their parents helps them develop their own self-confidence. Adding that next layer of parents-grandparents-gives them that much more to lean on. Growing up, I knew that if I needed help but couldn’t find my parents, I could turn to my grandparents.

Usually parents are heavily involved in earning a living, cleaning the house, and teaching the dos and don’ts. Grandparents, on the other hand, get to be more relaxed. They get to focus on each grandchild and play and talk. The bond they develop helps the child develop social skills in a calm, stress-free atmosphere.

The grandchild-grandparent bond can be the saving link when the child is going through the teenage years. During those years children often struggle with their relationships with their parents. My brother moved out for awhile during that time in his life. But he didn’t have to live on the streets. He lived with Grandma and Grandpa which kept him involved with and in communication with our family until the problems were solved.

Now I am a grandmother. I get the opportunity to introduce ancestors and extended family in fun ways to my grandchildren. We get to play and talk. I hope our bond will be an advantage to my grandchildren all of their lives.

Now the bond goes the other direction for me but it isn’t me just supporting them. Our bond keeps me in touch with “what’s happening” and with new ideas, games, and entertainment. What I think is most important, the bond keeps me looking toward the future because I seem to have a bigger stake in it than I ever have before.

The grandparent-grandchild bond brings advantages to everyone involved in it.