Advantages and Disadvantages of having a Baby in your 20s

Becoming a parent is the happiest moment of life. No accomplishment is greater than bringing a life to this world. But along with joy comes the huge responsibility too. And to take this responsibility no age can be determined as best because the sense of responsibility does not depend on age but on an individual’s maturity.

Having a baby in your 20’s has its own advantages and disadvantages. The early 20’s is considered to be the most fertile age for conceiving. A baby born to a young mother is often healthy and does not have major risks of developing congenital disorders. If infertility of a lady is diagnosed earlier in her life then it can be treated more effectively in early 20’s than in her later years. As fertility of a woman decreases with age. A young mother’s body reciprocates back to its normal state sooner. 

Young couples have bountiful of energy and they can always keep up with the physical demands of their baby. Even when child grows up, they relate to their parents and don’t think them as old persons who don’t understand them as the age gap between children and their parents will be less. Young parents can also understand their children better. With so much energy it will be easier for parents to become a child with their child and create wonderful memorable moments. They can enjoy better times with their children.

An advantage of having a baby in your 20’s is when your child grows up and leaves the home, you will still have loads of energy to try out different things, which you always wanted to do but couldn’t due to lack of time. There is still time for you to concentrate on your career or may be even switch careers. If you are still earning, you can always support your children in their higher education, making their lives easy and better.

The biggest advantage would be, being able to enjoy even childhood of your grand children and watch them grow. With abundant advantages of having a baby in your 20’s, also comes the disadvantages.  After having a baby, you will not be able to live life on the go.Before taking any step, you need to think about the well being of your child. In 20’s, a person is not emotionally and financially stable for taking on a child’s responsibility. Before having a baby, think about the financial resources to bring up a child. Concentrating on career would become difficult.

In 20’s, people tend to be high on emotion and may take decisions which they regret later. Be sure about your partner before settling down. Estranged couples may not be able to provide a caring and loving environment for a child to grow up. Children of such parents tend to follow wrong path and develop negative personalities. It is important for every couple to provide peaceful and pleasant household environment during the growing years of a baby.

Never undermine the responsibility of having a child. Evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages before taking this life altering step. Make sure that you meet all financial, physical and emotional needs of a child. Having a child is the best decision of life and becoming parent is the best phase. Enjoy it the most and relive your childhood again in form of your children.