Adoption Parents Requirments

All a child needs is love, shelter, and support. However, an adoption agency requires a bit more than that. Adopting a child can be a rewarding experience, but also a highly emotionally stressful one. The very first technical step after deciding adoption is right for you is to evaluate whether or not you meet the requirements of an adoptive parent and work towards meeting them if you do not. While adoptive parent requirements do vary slightly by location, generally the following are required.

A clean bill of health:

All potential adoptive parents must undergo a physical and mental evaluation to ensure they are mentally and physically able to care for a child and can continue to do so until the child no longer requires their care at the very least. Age of applicants is considered, but there are no set limits in most cases other than all applicants must be at least 18 years old.

A clean record:

All potential adoptive parents must also pass a background check. Smaller offenses life traffic tickets likely will not be an issue, but more serious offenses, especially those involving violence or drugs will be weighed heavily.

Income and Housing:

While you do not need to be Bill Gates to adopt a child, you must be able to prove you can finically support a child and will likely continue to be able to do so (job security). You must also have stable, safe housing with adequate space for a child. Many areas also require proof of health insurance or the ability to provide medical care for a child.

Other factors:

Finally, you will be interviewed by a licensed professional who will evaluate if your lifestyle is one proper for parenting. Marital status, work conditions and schedule may be considered. You cannot be turned down based on your race, religion, or gender. While couples with an at least 2 year history are generally preferred, single parent adoptions are possible in some locations. Same sex adoptions are allowed in some locations as well.

Every adoption is different. These factors may or may not apply in every adoption. If you don’t meet these basic requirements don’t be discouraged, in most cases your local adoption agency will be willing to work with you to achieve your dream of providing a child with a home and the love they deserve.


Adoption requirements

Requirements to adopt a child