Adoption Love for an Unwanted Child Parents of an Adopted Parent – Yes

A controversial subject in many aspects, adoption is probably one of those subjects that bring about many questions. When it comes to the love between a mother and a child, unconditional love is understood but is it possible between parents of an adopted child. Before this question gets answered some points need to be made.  First, adopting a child is conditional on what a parent wants when they adopt and how the child arrives to the adoptive parent. The love conveyed between a parent and an adoptive parent is conditional because of the bond that exists between the parent and the child and so many adoptions have extenuating circumstances that may contribute to a successful adoption or one not so successful.

This is not to say that if the mesh or bond between parent and child does grow, that this normalcy of unconditional love between a parent and a natural born child to that of an adopted child must be understood that the connection is not the same no matter how hard one tries. There is always that one thing missing and that is blood.

 Adoption today takes on many forms from arranged adoptions to parents who just feel it is their duty because they have the resources to give a family and love to as many children as they can. Because of these circumstances it brings debate on the life of the child as much as it does for the parent. Many children that are adopted generally have mental issues when it comes to the time when the child wants to know about the feelings they have and why they may feel lost or non-connecting to who they are. Many kids are lost by the time they reach puberty and have questions about their origin and the parent always has this in the back of their mind because they truly want to love the child as their own and yet struggle in many ways to create that bond.

It is definitely a subject that needs more research and investigation and possibly it may bring stability to a relationship that has had its issues in the past. Children that are adopted on the other hand can exhibit unconditional love because they seek that acceptance and love and are somewhat at the will of those who adopted them. Their sense of being is only a small facet of what they will endure as they grow and if the adoptive parent can come totally into the relationship to only parent a child that has no other then they possibly will achieve unconditional love but it is rare and definitely needs to be looked into.