ADHD a second Diagnosis

The diagnosis of ADHD in any child is a blow to any parent who has went threw this process. Generally a teacher notices at first that a child doesn’t pay attention or is acting out. She immediately thinks he or she has ADHD and there in lies the problem.

While teachers are great and we entrust them with the teaching of our children they have a problem with children who don’t conform to expected behavior. All children are different and yes some are more active than others. Put these children in a classroom with twenty-nine others and their is the problem.The facts are that teachers can not diagnose anything. They are teachers, they can teach, If they could diagnose anything they would be doctors.

Doctors are more likely to be able to diagnose ADHD and preferably a doctor who is trained in ADHD. In small towns it may be hard to find a doctor to help you but many times your family doctor can recommend another doctor who are able to diagnose ADHD.

A young boy went through this with one of his teachers. It ended up with a screaming match between his mother, the teacher and the principle. As it turns out this teachers own son was on the drug, Ritalin. The mother took her son to the doctor who put him on this drug for a week. After one week the mother insisted that he be taken off as she felt it wasn’t helping him. She chose no medication. The ending of course was that this child is now in high school, has no behavior problems and is a B student.

Doctors disagree with the diagnosis of ADHD and how to treat it when it is diagnosed. Unfortunately what works for one child does not work for all children and some parents might have a problem with putting a child on the drugs that are used to treat it. Parents must research this condition by talking to doctors and finding out what options are available for treatment. Absolutely if your child is diagnosed get another opinion. Don’t go blindly down the path because it is easier to treat your child with drugs than it is to use alternate therapies. If your child had another serious disease I would hope that you would get a second opinion

Of course the diagnosis of ADHD is hard and so are the choices you must make in how to treat it. Only you can decide if you wish to use drugs, herbal treatments or using no medications but using behavior treatments instead. Ultimately the choice you make must be in the best interest of your child and only you can make this choice.