Activities to keep your Children Busy

Parents can sometimes struggle to find ways to entertain their children particularly in the summer holidays when children spend more time at home than normal. It can be an expensive affair finding activities to entertain children and sometimes money is tight so it makes it seem like a pressure on parents to find entertainment for their children. There are ways, however, in which you can engage your children without breaking the bank or relying on good weather.

Below are just a few tips:

* Rainy day cinema

If the days are rainy and your children are complaining of being bored then why not have a cinema experience? If you cannot afford to go to the cinema yourself or would rather not venture out then create the cinema experience at home. This is possible just by drawing your curtains closed, making an exciting snack and then settling your children down in front of a film. This can help to keep them occupied but also make them feel as though they are doing something special.

* A nature walk

Get your children to burn off some calories but also to explore by taking them on a nature walk! Nature walks can be as exciting as you make them and what’s best is they are free! Take your children to a park and have various items they have got to look out for or collect as you go along; perhaps different kinds of leaves, twigs, pine cones and so forth. Children will enjoy looking for things and will also be able to get some of their energy burned off and some fresh air. If you can’t access a park then you can still have your own special nature walk around the streets where you live; looking out for cats, birds, flowers.

* Kitchen time

Engaging your children in getting busy in the kitchen can be a messy affair but can also create lots of fun memories. Depending upon the age of your child you can make anything from rice crispie cakes or decorating biscuits to baking cakes and making your own bread. Children love to get involved and will see the reward of their efforts when the finished product is ready. It will also help to teach them about the basics of cooking and help them to understand about food.

* Picnics

There is something special about eating outside. Why not entertain your children by creating a teddy bear’s picnic in the garden. This can be as simple as having your usual dinner but eating it outside along with a teddy or it can be as imaginative as making a variety of little items, putting them in a basket and setting out lots of plates for various teddy bears and inviting some friends round.

* Creative time

Creative time may make parents groan as they think about the mess but children can be engaged and entertained for long periods and really thrive from getting creative. Make collages or make cards or hats out of various items. It doesn’t have to get messy, you can just tidy everything away into one big craft box afterwards and if you put newspaper down on the floor first if there are any spillages you can simply roll it all up and put it straight into the bin/recycling.

* Days out

Days out can be expensive such as trips to the zoo or a farm park but you can draw on these days for a while afterwards; you can then encourage your children to make pictures or write stories as a result of the day out. A day out can create lots of special memories which your children will treasure. There are much more cheaper day out options such as a trip to the beach where just the sea and sand and perhaps an icecream will be enough to entertain your child all day long!

Entertaining children doesnt have to be expensive or rely on good weather. There are several ways in which you can entertain your children which are fun, imaginative and best of all engaging.