Activities for Toddlers at Home

Sometimes finding activities for a toddler can seem challenging as they are at a difficult age where they are no longer entertained by very simple things but are not yet old enough to engage in formal playing and friendships. It is possible, however, to find lots of activities which will entertain your toddler whilst in the home and below are some examples. It does not need to be expensive or particularly complicated but it will help to stimulate as well as entertain your young child. 

* Creative play

Creative play may make you cringe as you imagine paint being thrown around every where and lots of cleaning up needing to be done after the event. Children adore creative play and if you don’t want to spend a lot of time clearing up and cleaning afterwards then it is possible to tailor it so that it’s as mess-free as possible. You can buy various mats and sheets that you can put down on the floor first to ensure that any spillages are easily removed. You could also buy special paints and pens which only work on various surfaces. Creative play can be anything from simply drawing a picture to sticking all kinds of materials down onto paper making a collage. Your child will enjoy being creative and making something and at the same time it will not only create a keepsake for you to treasure but will also help to stimulate your child’s understanding, co-ordination and concentration.

* Music time

Children love music. There is something magical and stimulating about creating music and so this can be a great way to engage your child. You can buy various CDs which play nursery rhymes and other children-friendly songs which your child may enjoy dancing and singing along to. You can also try making your own instruments- rice inside a beaker to use as a rattle; a wooden spoon against a pan as a drum. Children will enjoy making noise and dancing around.

* Baking

You may think that your child is too young to bake but they’re not; you can engage them in baking from a very early age. Ensure that you tailor the activity to suit your child and to do the hot/difficult bits yourself. You can make chocolate crispie cakes and have your toddler help to stir the melted chocolate into the cereal or perhaps you could make buns and your toddler can help to decorate them. Children will love feeling as though they have been a part of the baking experience and seeing the end result.

* Imaginative play

Imaginative play is something which helps children to learn about the world around them. It helps them to learn various skills and develop themselves as a person. You can encourage your child to engage in imaginative play whilst in the home when playing with their toys. Having a dolly which they take care of or cars which they pretend to park in the hallway can help to stimulate your child and develop. You could also involve some fancy dress time too.

* Stories

Children love to read stories and so spending time reading books to your child can really help to entertain them. Stories open up new worlds to your children which can help them grow. They may also enjoy looking at the books themselves without you reading them, the pictures alone can be entertaining enough.

It is possible to entertain your children whilst you are at home and they are only young. It doesn’t have to be expensive or messy and can create lots of memories and help your children to develop and grow.