Activities for Teens Activities for Teens to do on Snow Days

From a teenager’s perspective snow days are the best. More so when school is cancelled. An appreciative sigh and high five is followed by “What will I do with myself now?” Considering teens get bored so very quickly, it is comforting for parents to know there is a vast array of indoor and outdoor activities they can enjoy with their friends or family members, whilst strengthening the family ties. Below are some top activities for teens to enjoy on snow days.

Bonding with family:

Whilst a myriad of teenagers don’t think it is overly cool to spend snowy days with family members, parents can make the effort to strengthen those families ties the sneaky way. Organize a family get-together with uncles, aunts, nieces and nephews etc. Ensure that the get-together includes teenage cousins which your children are on good terms with. Now fetch the toboggans from the attic and head outdoors for some true family fun. Take the video cam and capture those memorable moments. The old adage “the family who plays together, stays together” is so true. Pack the gas barbecue or simply organize a picnic lunch. Try to choose a location which has some shelter from the wind.

Snow sculpture:

Most teenagers are very artistic and even if they’re not, they still know how to have a load of fun. Get creative and have a snow sculpture challenge. See who can create a snow person everyone will be able to recognise. Perchance your headmaster, most dreaded teacher, the foxiest cheerleader in the school etc. The keyword is to have fun and show off your creativity to the best of your ability.


Snow shoeing is a fun outdoor activity for teenagers and adults alike. One does not need expensive snow shoes, simply cut the handles off old tennis racquet, strap them to the feet and you’re on your way. Do check out the weather reports to ensure that you are heading into a safe area. Rug up well and have everyone carry a thermos of hot soup.

Snowball fights:

You’re never too old to frolic in the snow. Let your hair down and have a snowball fight with your friends or family. The fun to be had is immeasurable. Split up into teams, roll up your ammunition and battle it out. Get rid of some of that pent up energy, you will all be warm in now time while laughing fit to bust. Teenagers will be exercising whilst getting some of that crisp fresh air into their lungs. Build a snow fort and really get into the spirit of this.

Snow painting:

Grab some squeeze bottles filled with water (which has some food colouring added to it) and get creative. Show off your creative flair. Put a spot of colour in the scenery. Teens could attempt to create a beach scene working side by side with their just as creative teen friends.

Snow charades:

Get outdoors with friends or family members and play a game of charades in the snow. Focus on snow or winter themes such as tobogganing, ice skating, ice fishing, cross country skiing and so forth. This will have you active and keeping warm whilst having a load of fun.

Play indoor games:

When the blizzards arrive outdoor activities must be put on hold. But this does not mean you can’t have fun. Get out the Playstation or the Wii and play some action games. Many of these interactive games focus on sports and dance. Get the chill out of the bones while challenging family or friends to a fun game. Play board games such as Monopoly, cards, chequers or chess. You are never too old to play board games such as Up Words, Scrabble. A game of Twister will be a load of fun for teenagers as well.

Have a bake up:

Nothing is more comforting on a cold snowy day than a warm house. Baking will provide teenagers with warmth, some delicious treats and cooking skills they will need in adulthood. Gather up the necessary ingredients and teach your teenagers how to make healthy meals, baked custard and perhaps a delicious sticky date pudding. Hearty soups would certainly be a treat as well. Choose simple recipes and ensure that your teenager knows all the safety precautions needed for safe cooking.

Shovel snow for pocket money:

Often times, the elderly will find it quite difficult to shovel snow from their driveways and so forth. Gather up a group of teenage friends and ask the neighbours if they would like their driveways, walkways etc cleared of snow for a gold coin donation. You may be pleasantly surprised at how much pocket money you will make. Of course you don’t have to ask for any money at all. You can simply do this out of the goodness of your heart.

Snow football:

Gather up all your teenage friends and play a game of snow football. Full body contact will be such fun. If playing with girls do remember that they don’t want their teeth knocked out. This could turn into a full-scale wrestling match but it is sure to be fun. In know time at all those winter chills will have flown the coop.

Make snow angels:

You haven’t shown your appreciation for Mother Nature if you’ve never made a snow angel. Come on, the young and the old alike, will have a ball. Simply lie on your back in the snow (be sure to rug up well) now wave your arms up and down at the side of your body while opening and closing your legs rapidly. You have created a snow angel and it’s fun indeed!

Build a snow igloo:

Build small snow igloos and pretend that you are all Eskimos. Don’t make these large as they could cave in. Just large enough to squeeze into. You will simply need a bucket to form your firm snow bricks. Take an adult with you who can judge the best one. Do take your all weather camera and get a picture of all your teen friends standing on front of their snow homes.

The tips above will keep teenagers occupied for hours on snow days. No longer will parents hear “I’m bored!” They’ll be laughing and having the time of their lives.