Accountability and Responsibility are Opportunities Learned in Lifes Lessons

Parents are responsible for the well-being of their children. Parents are also responsible to instill in their children to become responsible adults, that are able to take care of themselves. Children often mimic the characteristics of their parents. if they see  slovenly or lazy parents, chances are they will imitate those same slovenly and lazy behaviors. However, a parent who gets up and goes to work each day is seen by their children as a responsible, loving, parent who takes good care of their children and is responsible for making sure that their household remains intact.

Accountability and responsibility  share the same characteristics. A child, should be taught to be accountable for their own actions as soon as they’re able to walk and talk. For an example, potty training teaches a child to be accountable for their own toilet needs. The very first time, they recognize the need to go into the bathroom, they might hurry to the potty to relieve themselves. In essence, your child is becoming responsible. This might be the first milestone in teaching your child to become a responsible adult.

Unfortunately  suffering the consequences of not learning to use the potty in time, may result in uncomfortable, wet, soiled clothing. Most children detest that feeling of discomfort. However, if they become accountable, they will reap the rewards of responsibility with dry,  fresh, clean clothing. A parent should always make a big deal of their child’s first milestone on the way to become a responsible adult.

When a child starts school, they must then be accountable to learn their lessons. This might include, paying close attention in the classroom and being responsible to turn in their homework to their teachers on time. These, are also very valuable lessons in taking responsibility and being accountable for their own actions.

Allowance is yet another opportunity to teach your children the concept of responsibility. This lesson is two-fold because they will also learn the value of money and how to prioritize their responsibilities.  Perhaps you have given your child enough allowance for their weekly lunch and some occasional snacks after school. A child’s first priority should be to pay for their own lunch out of the allowance that has been given to them. This is another step toward  becoming a responsible adult and being accountable for their own decisions. 

There is a huge responsibility in a teen obtaining a driver’s license. A teen, must first be accountable for all the laws and rules that go along with driving a motor vehicle. Operating a motor vehicle requires  a valid driver’s license, insurance and  strict adherence to the laws is a form of being accountable in order to drive. It’s no secret, driving privileges  are the caveat to responsibility. Driving for a teen might be the last measure for accountability and responsibility. So, parents should never take this huge responsibility lightly. A teen must be made accountable for all their actions while driving. 

Unfortunately, Justin Bieber has been in the news for irresponsible driving behavior. He has been accused of speeding around his neighborhood going ninety miles an hour in his Ferrari. As a teen he is not acting responsibly, but should be held accountable for his unlawful actions.

There are many opportunities in life to help children become responsible adults. Parents, simply need to direct their children as each opportunity avails itself.