A Rose by any other name

Naming your child is one of the most important decisions that a parent makes. This is the name that this new little person will be using for their entire life. It is something that needs to be considered very seriously. At the same time, there are names that are trendy every year and you need to decide if you want to follow the trends or strike out on your own with a family name or one that you personally love. Before you decide, what you will be calling your new baby, here are some of the names that are the most popular with other parents.

The number one girl’s name again this year is Isabella according to Parenting.com. This name is of Italian origin and means God’s oath. It is a variation of the biblical name Elizabeth. It has been one of the most popular girl’s names for over 5 years and shows no signs of losing its dominance. Other popular names are Sophie, Ava and Millie.

For baby boys, the surprise winner is Jacob. This name is biblical and Hebrew in origin and means supplanter or substitute. It is followed closely by Max, Liam and Ted.

Nameberry has come up with the most popular trends for 2013 thus far and it seems that there are some surprises. The two most popular boy’s names so far in 2013 are Bruce and Christian and for girls it’s Marnie, Marlow and Nellie. Marnie was a popular name in the 1960’s because of the character in the Alfred Hitchcock thriller and today it is the HBO show “Girls” character who is causing the resurgence of the name.

There has been a resurgence of old fashioned names and the days of Debby, Linda and Carol have passed with the return of Emma, Ann and Charlotte for girls and Andy, Bertie and Gus for boys.

The royal wedding has seen the increase in related names with William and Kate being quite popular and if the past is any indication, whichever name the royal couple decides on for their new baby will have lots of other new parents making the same choice. Betting in England has Alexandra as the first choice if the infant is a girl, with Elizabeth, Victoria and Diana not far behind. It seems likely that all of these names will be trending this year. For boys, the best money is on Henry, William, James or Richard.

Another trend in names is ones that start with the letter L. In the 1980’s the letter J was big with Jason and Jennifer being the most popular. In the 1990’s it was the K names and it seems as if the time is right for the letter L.

There are many websites that can keep you updated about what the latest trend in baby names are for 2013. You can of course choose to ignore the trends and just look at your baby and decide what name seems to fit.