A Parents Guide to how to Deal with Bullying

Kids these days are scrapping at straws to make fun of kids, for what reason? To feel better about themselves and make the kid their teasing feel worthless. All around the world kids are bullied daily for a variety of reasons. It could be their hair color or style, the shoes they wear, the clothes they buy, their weight, their height, anything really. Bullies can do all sorts of things to a kid, whether it’s name calling or tripping them in the hall. So in reality, everyone is bullied, to some extent, but others take it closer to heart , than the rest.  

Over the last few years, the suicidal rate of teens has gone up drastically. And for what reason? Bullies. Kids are reluctant to tell an adult about them, fearing it’ll become worse, and some kids take it too far; therefore, they end up taking their lives. Imagine you’re a parent and your child commits suicide, and you have no idea why. Your child leaves a note, stating he or she was being bullied to a horrible extent, and was too scared to tell you. That makes you feel like a bad parent, when in truth it’s not your fault. But what can parents do to bullies?

Well, facing the bully head on may cause further issues, it depends on the bully. If your child is being verbally bullied, then it may a good idea to talk to your child’s school. Most schools have guidance counselors your child can go see during the day during study hall or a period as such, and your child can let things out to them, about how they feel and how the bully is affecting their daily lives. Your child can demand to be left anonymous, so when the school has a talk with the bully, they don’t release names.

If the bully is bullying your child in the form of physical abuse, and you’ve spoken with the school already, then it may be time to speak with the bully’s parents. The parents of the bully may have more effect than the school does, and the bully may begin to open their eyes and see they’re paining another human being, and that’s not right.

However, then again, there’s always the heartless kid, who won’t react to any of these solutions, and then it’s time to think about going to the local police. The police will be able to do a number of things for your child, such as moving your child’s class or switching your child’s schedule around so your child doesn’t have much contact with the bully during the day. Some police departments offer programs that the bully may enroll in to feel what it’s like to be arrested for serious criminal acts, bullying now being one of them.

In conclusion, depending on the bully, the bullying type, and the recurrence of the bullying, there are a variety of methods available for parents who are concerned about their child’s well-being at school, but don’t exactly know how to handle it.