A look at the benefits of using a baby play gym

Newborns have the entire world to take in, and the first few weeks are spent sleeping and cuddling, so there isn’t much need for toys in the early days. Although one of the few toys that a newborn can benefit from early on, is a baby play gym. There is a vast choice of play gyms of differing sizes and prices available, some which are basic and others that are more deluxe and offer a range of toys and music for baby to explore. However, all baby play gyms are beneficial no matter how basic or deluxe they are.

Play gyms offer an interactive and educational activity that encourages development, and they offer a host of fun for newborns. Play gyms entertain and occupy baby, and they can possibly soothe and calm baby. They stimulate a baby’s visual and tactile senses and they enhance a newborns development, whilst promoting and developing core skills.

Play gyms are equipped with different activities and tactile textures for a baby to explore, and they give baby the opportunity to chew on different textures. The brightly colored toys will encourage baby to reach out for the hanging toys, and as he or she bats and kicks them this will strengthen their muscles and develop coordination and focus, baby will soon be reaching out for the hanging toys, and will attempt to grasp the toys which will develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Baby is also enticed to lift his or her head which strengthens the neck muscles. All of these skills will aid in strengthening important muscles which will allow baby to roll over and eventually sit up.

Play gyms grow with baby. Once baby is able to sit up he or she can perceive the world in a different way. This allows baby to play differently whilst sat in the play gym as he or she can now view the toys at a different angle, and as baby reaches for the hanging toys he or she will learn to manipulate them. Baby learns how to grasp the toys and manipulate them which allows baby to practice different hand movements. Play gyms that offer music also encourage speech development as baby hears the different sounds. A baby’s sense of touch, sight and hearing can also be improved from all of the stimulating activities. Baby play gyms offer so much and a baby can benefit from them for quite some time, and once your baby has outgrown the gym, the toys can be removed and played with independently.