A Guide to where to Put Patches and Pins on the Brownie Girl Scout Uniform

So, your daughter is all signed up for Girl Scouts, but now you have to get the uniform together.  It is actually a lot easier and cheaper now than in the past as there used to be certain requirements for the type of shirt you had to wear, skirt, or socks.  Now, the girls mainly just need either a brown vest or sash with the accompanying patches and pins.  Either one is acceptable, although you will be able to fit more patches on the vest and it does not slip off as easily as a sash might.  It is encouraged to wear either a white or blue shirt and khaki shorts, skirt, or pants.

There are many patches and pins that your Brownie Girl Scout will attach to her vest or sash.  There are some basic patches that will need to be put on even for the very first meeting and then there are patches and pins that need to be earned.

The American Flag is a patch that is worn from the very beginning.  This badge will be placed on the top right corner of both the vest and the sash.  Right under the American Flag you will find the Official Brownie Girl Scout Council Identification Strip Set.  Under this council patch, you should place the troop number.  Any star pins that your Brownie has earned will be placed beneath these numbers.  Girl Scouts earn a star pin for every year that they are in Girl Scouts.  Some Girl Scout Councils allow the Brownies to earn a Safety Award Pin and this would go just under the memberships star pins.  If your Brownie was in Daisies and completed the bridging requirements, then she will have earned a bridging patch which goes beneath the safety award pin. 

All of these patches and pins that were just mentioned will be placed in the same order no matter if your Brownie has a vest or a sash.  This is the point where there are some differences depending on the type of uniform your daughter has. 

If she has a sash, the next award to be placed on the uniform will be the Girl Scout Cookie Sale Activity Pin.  This pin is awarded to those girls who have participated in the Girl Scout Cookie Sale and also have completed the participation activities that are listed in the Cookie Sale Activity Guide.  The next award on the sash will be any Girl Scout Brownie Journey Award Patches.  These patches will come in a set of four that the girls will earn one at a time.  Finally, the Try-It patches that the Brownie Girl Scout has earned will go beneath the Journey awards on the sash. 

If your Brownie has a vest, then the Girl Scout Cookie Sale Activity Pin will go on the left side of the vest.  The Journey patches will be placed under the Cookie Sale pin on the left side of the vest and also under the Bridging patch on the right side of the vest.  Finally, the Try-It patches will be placed under the Journey patches at the bottom of both sides of the vest.

The last part of the uniform will be the tab.  The tab should hold two pins: the World Trefoil pin (WAGGGS pin) and then the Brownie Girl Scout membership pin just below it.  The membership pin is worn by all Brownies and the WAGGGS pin is worn after she has participated in one Thinking Day event.  For a Brownie wearing a sash, the pin will be placed in her shirt in the top left corner.  If the Brownie is wearing a vest, then the tab should be placed on the left side of her vest at chest level above all other patches and pins.

All fun patches that your Brownie receives should be placed on the back of the uniform.  You can also find a diagram of where to place all pins and awards on the official Girl Scouts website.