A Guide to the different Girl Scout Ceremonies

Girl Scouts of all ages will participate in many different ceremonies.  The very first ceremony that every Girl Scout participates in is called an investiture ceremony.  This is the time when the girl first officially joins this great organization.

There is no right or wrong way to do an investiture ceremony.  Many times the Girl Scout Law and Promise are recited.  Sometimes there are candles and sometimes the girls will act out different parts of the law. Your girls will receive their troop level pins at this time.

Rededication ceremonies are usually relatively similar to an investiture ceremony.  This ceremony is done at the beginning of each year and is when the girls rededicate themselves to Girl Scouts.  The girls should be part of the planning of this important ceremony.

Another ceremony that your girls will participate in each year is a Court of Awards.  This is the time that your Girl Scouts will receive the pins or patches that they have earned since the last award ceremony.  There is no prescribed amount of times that this must be done per year.

Your Girl Scouts should also perform a flag ceremony occasionally.  This may be done as often as every troop meeting or could be done only once in a while.  During this ceremony, the troop will work together to honor the American flag.

Bridging ceremonies will happen once every two years.  This ceremony, usually done at the end of the school year, is when Girl Scouts move from one level to another.  The bridging ceremony from Brownies to Juniors has a special name called “Flying Up.”

Girl Scouts’ Own is a ceremony that should be planned by the girls and is a time for them to talk about their feelings concerning a certain topic like friendship, the Girl Scout Promise, etc.  Singing, poetry reading, talking, or other forms of expression may be used at this time.  This is not to be a religious ceremony.

The Girl Scout Bronze Award will occur when Juniors have earned their Bronze Award.  This ceremony may be done by the troop or may even be a service unit or council event.  Girl Scouts who have surpassed the Bronze Award may earn their Silver Award at a special ceremony.  The Silver Award ceremony may sometimes be combined with a ceremony for the highest award a Girl Scout can earn: the Girl Scout Gold Award. 

These are the ceremonies that may be done during your daughter’s time in Girl Scouts.