A guide to the causes of allergy-related diaper rash and treatments

Diaper rash is an issue that most babies experience at least once or twice while they are wearing diapers. Some babies are more prone to rash than others. For these children the issue might not be your ordinary run of the mill diaper rash. After trying everything to treat diaper rash, you may discover your baby has an allergy-related diaper rash caused from diapers, wipes, ointments, powders and even soaps.


For babies with sensitive skin, the diapers they wear can often cause rashes and irritations. These can look like normal diaper rashes, but won’t go away with normal treatment unless the diapers are changed. Eliminating these rashes can be easy. Usually, changing the brand of diapers is all that is needed. For babies with super sensitive skin and allergy issues, it may be necessary to switch to cloth diapers which have less chemicals and are healthier for the baby’s skin.


Other babies, are allergic to the wipes that are used on their bottoms during changing. This makes it a little easier to determine because the rash usually happens once a mess is cleaned up. Parents with babies who are allergic to wipes may have to change kinds or switch to homemade wipes (a roll of paper towels cut in half can be moistened with a mixture of one tablespoon of liquid baby soap, one teaspoon of baby oil, and one cup of water, with additional water added on a need-to basis.)


On rare occasions, diaper rash may get worse with ointment use. This may be because the baby’s skin is super sensitive or because they are allergic to it. Parents can try to change ointments or move to natural cures for diaper rash (corn starch, petroleum jelly and air are some great options).


Baby powders may cause irritation as well as allergic reactions. It is best to avoid them all together and use corn starch instead. Corn starch is healthier and all natural. It is less likely to cause lung issues and studies have shown that talc based powders might cause cancer.


Most babies have rash issues all over if there is an allergic reaction to soap. But every now and again a baby might have an issue on their most sensitive parts. If this happens, changing soap is the best thing to do.

Allergies happen in a number of babies and sometimes more serious than with other types of rashes or rashes from other causes. It is important to treat diaper rash and to change things if the rash isn’t responding to treatment. If you can’t figure out why a baby has a rash and are having a hard time maintaining it, then you should seek advice from your baby’s doctor.