A guide to sex during pregnancy

There are many questions and concerns that arise for a pregnant couple. Sex is near the top of the list. Some worry about harming the baby, others have a hard time getting past an awkward shape and a new size. But there are some basic things all couples should know about sex during pregnancy.

Is it okay to have sex during pregnancy?

Many people wonder this. They don’t want to hurt their baby. Others envision scaring the baby and causing emotional damage. If you are worried about it, you aren’t alone. Unless there are some complications and your doctor specifically says to avoid sex, then it is perfectly okay and in some women more welcome then normal. The way the woman’s body is set up doesn’t allow sex to hurt the baby. Additionally the penis doesn’t enter the uterus so the baby won’t be scared, emotionally damaged or poked. This makes sex safe for mom, dad and the baby.

Getting past uncomfortable situations

As the woman’s body changes, the baby grows, and it becomes more difficult to do things they way that you have always done them it may seem impossible to have sex. This is the time when it is a great idea to try new things. Try new positions. Some are more comfortable such as standing at the edge of the table bent over or the woman on top. Positions that keep pressure off of the baby and let a woman concentrate more on her pleasure make it more enjoyable.

Understanding the normal flow

Most woman feel ill, tired, and uncomfortable in the first trimester. Often this makes it a bad time to have sex. By the second trimester most women are ready to go and are excited about sex, but the body changing can make it difficult. The third trimester it all slows down, not because she hates the idea, but because she feels huge and uncomfortable. This isn’t the case for all women, but for most.

Getting in the mood

It may take a little extra work to get in the mood during this time. Try romance, massages and extra foreplay to get in the mood for sex. Be understanding with one another and be willing to talk about how you are feeling. This isn’t an easy time of adjustment for either of you.

It is very important that you are willing to talk about this subject now and in the near future. Having a baby really does change everything and it is important to keep talking about the things in life that matter. Sex will always matter and knowing how each of you feel is important. Sex can be fun during pregnancy, you just have to think outside the box.