A guide to grand-parents disciplining grandchildren

When it comes to grand-parenting and discipline, these two words should not have to come together very often, unless the grandparent happens to be the guardian for their grandchild.

As the saying goes, if a parent turns out to be great enough as a parent, then one day they will gain the honor of becoming a “grand” parent. Grand-parenting is an honorable role that one deserves to cherish, furthermore, the stress of regular disciplining should not have to interfere with the beauty of the relationship between a grandparent and a grandchild.

Grandparents have already graduated from the role of parenting and hopefully disciplined their own children well enough, so that their children who have grown up and become parents, can now discipline their children well on their own, without the help of their parents. 

It is beneficial for parents to have the advice and encouragement of their own parents, now the grandparents, when raising their own children. This is where the wisdom of grandparents can really shine through by sharing past stories and examples to help their children discipline the grandchildren. Grandparents have already lived through and disciplined through many of the same or similar situations that their children will encounter with their children.

The beauty of grand-parenting is being able to just sit back and relax and enjoy nourishing a relationship with their grandchildren, as well as gaining a newer and deeper relationship with their children, the new parents. Of course, grandparents should avail themselves to their own children, whenever necessary to ensure they feel the necessary support to fall back on.

A situation can arise on occasion when a grandparent may need to discipline a grandchild. Perhaps if the parents are away, out on a date or at work, a problem may occur with more than one grandchild or in the case of danger, and a child must know, from an adhering adult, what is right and what is wrong. 

A grandparent can deal with a situation in the way that they know their child, the parent of the grandchild, would want a situation dealt with. For example, giving a child a time out for fighting with another. Yet, more often than not, a grandparent will probably rely on their old discipline tactics without even realizing it. Therefore, it could be necessary for a grandparent to know in advance how their children want them to deal with the grandchildren, should discipline situations arise. 

Above all, it is extremely important for grandparents to keep open lines of communication between their children and children-in-laws, in order to best develop the beautiful relationships that can take place between grandparents and grandchildren.