A Guide to Choosing a Travel Cot for your Baby

Babies have many practical needs and if you are traveling you will need to bear this in mind. One particularly useful piece of equipment that is well worth investing in, especially for those who travel or stay away from home regularly, is a travel cot. These are collapsible, lightweight cots that can be put up anywhere that you are staying. Here are some practical tips for choosing a travel cot.


There are lots of different sizes of travel cot available to buy. You will need to think about your personal needs when deciding the best size of travel cot to buy. Some travel cots are age appropriate only for either newborn babies or for toddlers and their size reflects this. Others can be used from birth onwards. You will need to consider the age and size of your baby when making your purchase and also consider if you will be traveling on a regular basis as your baby grows or if this trip is a one-off event. Another consideration in relation to the size of the travel cot is the space available in your car. You will need to know the dimensions of the cot when it is collapsed to make sure that it will fit in the space available in your car.


Many parents are working to a budget and price is a big contributory factor in their decision over which products to buy. There are travel cots available to suit a variety of budgets and it is well worth shopping around. Price sometimes reflects the additional features available on the travel cot, although sometimes the price simply reflects the brand name of the cot. Also, if you plan on traveling on several occasions while your baby is young it is worth investing a little more, whereas if you will only be making one trip it is sensible to save money and look for a cheaper option.

When and where it will be used

Are you looking for a travel cot that is suitable for in a tent, a hotel room or a stay over with grandparents? Think about the space available at your destination when making your choice. Another consideration is the practicality and ease of building and collapsing the travel cot at your destination.

Additional features

Like a lot of baby equipment, there is a wide range of travel cots available that have additional features. For example, some have adjustable bases that can be moved t different heights. This is worth considering if you have a bad back and will struggle to lower the baby to floor level when putting them in the cot. Other have space to store a bottle and a variety of mattress options are also available. What you choose will be personal to your needs but it is worth considering that the more features you choose the higher the price of the travel cot.


If you have a baby and you are planning to travel then a travel cot is a really useful piece of equipment. There are many things that parents need to consider when choosing the best travel cot for their needs including price, practicality, additional features, when and how the cot will be used and the price.