A guide on what to look for when buying a highchair

A high chair is an important piece of equipment that every infant needs once they reach the weaning stage. The recommended age to wean a baby is currently 6 months, however, this is down to personal choice as a parent, as each child is different. Most baby equipment is bought in advance, however, with a high chair it is better to wait until baby is at the weaning stage, as you won’t know what type of high chair you will want or need until then.

A lot of thought needs to go into purchasing a suitable high chair to make sure it is practical, it fits baby’s needs and most importantly that it is safe. High chairs come in various shapes and sizes, with a choice of either plastic or wooden. With all the different high chairs that are on the market today, it is tempting to choose something that looks modern and stylish, however, you may want to consider the following points before buying that all important piece of equipment.

What to look for when buying a highchair:


Your budget is an important consideration. There is a vast array of high chairs that all come with different price tags, so there will be plenty to choose from within your own budget. It is worth setting aside a reasonable amount, as this is a piece of equipment that is going to have a high amount of use over a good couple of years.


Some high chairs have the option to adjust the height; this is a handy feature as you can adjust this as baby grows, in the early days you want to be able to comfortably reach your infant to feed him or her. Some high chairs can be reclined, which is a useful feature for the first few months, as little ones often have a snooze after eating their meal. This is ideal, as you won’t need to remove your sleeping baby and disturb him or her.


The weaning stage is very messy, so hygiene and ease of cleaning needs to be considered. A high chair which has removable covers and straps is preferable, as these can be machine washed. Some high chairs are equipped with a tray that can be completely removed, which can make it simple to clean, as well as making it easier to get baby in and out of the chair. Make sure you can easily operate the tray, and that it isn’t going to be easy for your infant to be able to release. A tray with a high rim is also favorable, as this prevents food from being pushed off the tray as easily.

Multifunction high chair

Multifunction high chairs are a popular choice, as these can be converted into a low table for when your child is older. Even if you are planning to have your child sit at the dining table, the low table can still be used as a play table for arts and crafts. If you are planning on buying a multifunction cube high chair, then make sure it is built to last.


You need to evaluate the amount of space you have, to ensure that you can comfortably accommodate the high chair. Some high chairs fold flat to be stored away when not in use, however, these are quickly outgrown as they are fairly basic, and they don’t have the other features that multifunction high chairs come with.

Highchair safety

Safety is paramount with all baby equipment, a high chair needs to have a five-point safety harness to keep your infant secure, there should also be a bar or crotch strap that is fixed to stop your baby from slipping through. Also check that the harness is adjustable, and that there is plenty of space for your growing baby. It is important to check if the unit is sturdy, as active curious infants don’t like to sit still, so a sturdy high chair is a must. Also make sure there are no areas where little fingers can get trapped, and that there are no sharp areas. Remember never to leave you child unattended in a high chair.

Always shop around for a high chair, and have in mind what features you think would benefit your baby. A lot of good stores will have high chairs out on display so have a good look at them and test them out to make sure they are sturdy, as this is a piece of equipment that is going to see a lot of use. You need to make sure the chosen high chair meets all of your requirements and fits you budget.