A Day in the Life

Just to clear up any doubts, I am a teenager. I attend middle school. Many freshmen I know have repeatedly told me your middle school years will be the worst and the best of your life (I still don’t get it). I guess you can make your own judgment about that. Normally, I set my alarm clock for 5:30. I wake up and slip on my polo and khakis and step in a pair of tennis shoes. I head down to the breakfast table, where I read the paper with a cup of coffee and some cereal. I brush my teeth. Then I walk to the bus stop and converse with my neighbors. Eventually, our bus will chug on down the road. All my friends have their rubber bands and paper to make hornet wars. The purpose of the game is to create a hornet with paper, shoot it with the rubber band and hopefully hit someone, stinging intensely for a few seconds. Occasionally, even if you are not in the war your neck will be peppered with a shower of hornets whizzing through the air like darts. Sometimes a cruel fellow will put a staple in his and the result can be nasty. I mean, who wants to have a hornet stuck in their neck.

 When our bus arrives at school we all pile out of their and head to our respective grades, supposedly. I sit and talk with my Greek friend and my running friend. We often discuss how bad our football team is. I eventually go to class and attempt to keep my grades up. I got a note in 1st period. I was selected for National Junior Honor Society! A quarter of the class was too but I still feel proud. We eat slop for lunch and finish out the day. After school I ride a bus to run at the high school for cross country and then I go home. I normally finish all my homework and then maybe read a book or write. I have dinner and then Ill play football with my neighbor and go to bed. Then the process is started over again, resulting in a very boring lifestyle if I don’t keep it fresh by trying new things and such. Many people say being a teen is very hard and emotionally straining, but so far I’m hanging on. It helps to have homework because how can you be upset if you’re always working your tail off.