A Child Car Seat Buying Guide

Do you want to know what car seat is the best. The Answer is Simple. The Car seat that is best for you is the car seat that fits your baby or child, is able to be hooked into your car properly, and the one that does not break your budget. Do you want to know the safest care seat sold in stores today. Well they are all created equal when it comes to safety. All car seats sold in the USA have to pass the same crash test so the cheapest car seat in the store will be just as safe as the most expensive as long as the baby fits properly and the seat is installed according to the manual. You should never buy or use a car seat that has been used unless you know it’s history because it may have been altered or damaged in a way that is not visible. And that could effect you Child’s safety.

A good thing to remember when it comes to deciding on a car seat is that most kids go through at least two car seats and sometimes more before they are able to ride in the car without one. You will be very lucky if you use only one seat during that time. Here are a list of some of the different types of seats and some of the benefits.

First you may use the baby car seat or infant car seat also known as carrier and or infant carrier. These are rear facing only and usually hold babies from 5lbs – 25lbs. They have a base that stays in the car so that you can carry the seat in and out of the car without having to reinstall it every time. They come in handy for many reasons and the main one is so that you can hook them to a shopping cart or stroller. This comes in handy if you need to free your hands up to do other things like shopping. Most people use the carrier at least until the baby can sit up in the front of a cart on it’s own.

Convertible car seats are another popular type of seat because they can be used as a rear facing baby car seat for babies from 5lbs – 25lbs. Or can be turned around and used as front facing child car seat. You can benefit from only buying one seat that will work from the day they come home from the hospital until they outgrow it as a toddler. But they cannot be use as a carrier, and they are not made to hook onto a shopping cart or stroller.

Once child has outgrown the baby car seat you will need a child car seat also know as the toddler car seat. These seats are front facing and should only be used once the child is over one year old and at least 20lbs. Depending on the one you buy the toddler seat can hold a child up to 80 lbs and 49 inches tall.

And the last seat you may need is a booster car seat. Booster car seats are for children who have outgrown their forward-facing car safety seats but are not big enough for the vehicle seat belts to fit correctly. These car seats help hold the seat belts in a lower position which is safer for small children.

Once you have picked the perfect seat you can shop for the perfect car seat accessory. The accessories do not make the seat safer but can help make life easier. There are hundreds of car seat accessories including things like a baby car seat cover or infant car seat cover, car seat protector, car seat blankets, sunshades and rain shields, snuggle sacks, cup holders, seat belt holders, head supports and hundreds more. Just make sure that what ever accessory you get fits properly and does not interfere with the safety of the baby or child .