A Babys first three Months

There are a lot of things that a parent can expect in their baby’s first three months. It goes without saying that there will be a whole lot of diaper changes, feedings and soothing a fussy baby.  Not to mention the fact that all those late night feedings lead to sleep deprived parents.  The mother may also be dealing with engorgement or milk supply issues if she is breast feeding.  There is also the issue of bathing your newborn and taking care of the umbilical cord, which can make a lot of new parents nervous. You have to keep it clean without getting it wet and being careful so that it falls off on its own.  There are several milestones that a baby achieves in the first three months.  It is important to remember though, that every baby is an individual and grows at his or her own pace.  Yet there are general guidelines for developmental milestones.

Generally in the first month a baby will began to develop head control.  He may still be wobbly but his strength is growing.  According to American Pregnancy if he is laying on his back he may be able to turn his head from side to side.  He may also be able to life his head momentarily when he is on his belly.  A baby that is one month old will began to use his crying as a way to express his displeasure.  He will also be able to see black and white patterns at this age.  If a baby was born with hair he may start to lose it during this time and it may even grow back a different color. The grasp reflex, which is when you put your finger in your baby’s tiny hand and he grabs it, is strong.

In the second month, the grasp reflex will began to decrease.  While he is laying on his stomach he may be able to lift his head 45 degrees.  He may also be able to hold his head up on his own.  At this age he can follow an object with his eyes.  This is the time when a baby will start to make noises other than crying, such as cooing.  One of my favorite milestones that some babies will achieve this month is smiling. 

In the third month a baby can lift his head between 45 to 90 degrees when he is on his stomach.  He will now be able to hold objects in his hand and can squeal, coo and laugh in delight.  While doing tummy time he can bear weight on his forearms, and may even do mini push ups according to Baby Center.  He will even be able to recognize faces at three months.  Some babies reach these milestones a little later than others, and other babies a little earlier.  All babies develop at their own pace and will reach these milestones on their own time.  But if you have any concerns present them to your doctor.