5 Ways Working from Home Saves Money

One of the considerations that people make when they are deciding on whether to work from home or not is whether or not they can afford to do so.  They may have concerns that they will not be able to earn the same income as they would be making if they worked in an environment away from home.  However, it is often the case that people can make savings by working form home.  Here are five of these reasons.

1) It saves on childcare costs.  If you work away from home, it is likely that you will have to pay a large percentage of your income back out in childcare fees.  Even if working from home doesn’t completely eliminate these costs, it is likely that these can be reduced as you will have more freedom to choose the hours that you work.

2) You will spend less on fuel and other travel expenses.  As you will not have to travel to work, your fuel costs can be drastically reduced.  It is also possible that you will save on other travel related costs, such as maintenance and repairs for wear and tear of your car.  As your mileage will be lower, your car may also lose less of its value when it is time to sell it.  If you use public transport or taxis then these are also costs that you will save. 

3)  You may also save on food costs.  You can economise on your lunches if you work from home.  If you leave the house to work, it is often easier to pick up a pre-packed sandwich or salad for lunch which will cost more than something that you made from home.  It is also tempting to go for lunch with friends from work, which if done regularly, can become expensive. 

4)  If you are running your own business, then working from home will save on overheads.  These costs are varied, but may include, rent, council rates, utilities, heating and certain taxes.  In this instance, you will also continue to benefit from all the afore mentioned savings.

5)  The final saving to be mentioned here is the cost of clothing.  Yes, you will still need to be clolthed, but if you work from home then it is unlikely that you will need a seperate wardrobe that is specifically bought for work.  It may be the case that even though you work from home, you may still need to meet clients occasionally.  Despite this, it is unlikely that you will need to buy clothes to the same extent that you would if you worked outside the home.