10 Tips for Babysitting your Sisters Kids

First, you need to think about how old they are and how many they are! Also, how long will your sister be gone? When was the last time you saw them? Do you know their names already?

Be sure you have your sister’s cell phone number plus the name of the place she is going. But don’t spend the day or night  bugging her with dumb questions like, where do you keep the toothpaste?

Know what time is bed-time and try really hard to stick with it. If you give a minute, the kid will take ten!

Talk to the kids! Play with the kids!

Do not stick the kids in front of a video show and go do your homework or basically ignore them.

Never invite your friends over for a pizza party while you are supposed to be babysitting!

Pay attention to the kids. Know where they ALL are at ALL times!

Never leave the kids to go to the store or hang out with friends in the backyard. 

Feed them. Ah. Comfort food that is allowed and a favorite drink can do wonders for the child’s willingness to cooperate with you.

Remember if they are really little kids, you might need to supervise bathroom time. Never assume they know what they are   doing.  Never believe them when they say, “Mommy lets me do this all the time.” That is fine, but do it when Mommy is here, not while I am here.

Do not perform science experiments with kids in the oven or microwave or freezer. They can be fatal!

Do not do drugs or alcohol or any illegal substance while the kids are in your care. Otherwise you will forget all of the other tips and lose the child.

Play games, but not violent video games.

Read with them. If they totally love Spongebob and want you to read it to them for the 47th time, smile and do it.  When you miss a word, they will correct you!

I avoid crayons, paints and scissors because it is too easy for accidents to happen. 

Never feed the fish their peanut butter sandwich. AND do not wash the inside of the fish bowl with detergent trying to cover up the mistake. ‘Bye bye’ to Daddy’s tropical fish might mean ‘bye bye’ to you too!

Ah, so I said 10 tips but gave you a bonus of 5 extras. They came from real life experience too. Do you have favorite tips for a winning time with the kids?